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Present Day (AND President’s Day)

We’re closed for President’s Day, AND- celebrating that Tom’s wild health journey through the holidays turned out well, just in time for us to celebrate our 48th anniversary. Thank you Lord!

Top Ten Spices & Herbs (+ 5 or 10 More…)

18-Bottle Spice Holder

My friend wanted to know which of his cupboard’s many spices and herbs he might want to keep. There are a few that are so versatile. Well, I’ve compiled a list- my own personal suggestions. We make a whole lotta stuff at The New Deli with these ingredients on hand. I hardly ever need to add anything more to this arsenal!

Science Behind “Lose Belly Fat”

Natural Fat Loss

I kept seeing that “Lose Belly Fat” ad last year… I never wanted to click on it- I might start getting a bunch of spam emails for weight loss supplements! Ah, but my husband was just checking his 10-K scores after a run, when he noticed the intriguing headline. He watched the whole video, then filled me in on the details. Perfect! I don’t want to sit through an advertisement that long, but it was cool he could tell me about it. Some of it was interesting. Except for the sales pitch for a product, of course…

Kombucha: Easy Recipe (Once You Have Scoby)

Brew first ferment Kombucha in bottle!

Kombucha brewing should be easy, which you realize after you’ve done it awhile, seeing it survive many adverse conditions! Now I just brew sweet tea right in a pre-warmed canning jar (cheap kind might break). Stir in last batch o’ kombucha, decant right into a bottle- 1st & last ferment in one! (It still takes 3-4 weeks to finish, but skips a step 🙂 )

Inflammation: Natural Answers (Bone Broth, Etc.)

Collagen- Make Bone Broth for Health!

I don’t like synthesized vitamin/mineral products. I believe we need a proper balance of naturally occurring nutrients to maintain health. A lot of studies support this! A natural mineral combination, like that found in this Mineral Whey (from grass-fed goats), is best absorbed. It’s very concentrated, containing more than 20 naturally occurring minerals, and is real alkaline, which helps reduce acidic deposits in arthritic joints. (An acid/alkaline balance is crucial!)

6 Easy Morning Rituals for Health

Dry brush your skin!

No time (or money) to go to the spa and the gym? Here are six simple routines for a healthy start on your day. Dry-brush, drink warm lemon water, scrape tongue, wake up early enough, exercise/stretch a bit, and…pray!

Why I LUV Bone Broth (even Gelatin…)

Gelatin fights inflammation- thumbs up!

Growing up in the sixties, a few friends had heard that packets of gelatin mixed in warm water might help with hair and nail growth. It didn’t solve all my problems, but… now that I’ve researched it, I realize: Bone broth and/or gelatin can really help improve my health.

A Healthy Gut = Happy Head

Healthy Gut Equals Happy Head

I am digging my probiotics. And when my friend mentioned how her buddy was drinking kombucha to help with anxiety, I knew I needed to post this!