Present Day (AND President’s Day)

The New Deli, closed President's Day

First off, for you New Deli peeps, yes, we’ll be closed President’s Day, as per usual. Thought I’d post that, because, #1- It’s probably convenient for deli customers to know our latest holiday schedule. AND, #2- a whole lot’s happened since I last posted, mentioning The New Deli’s Christmas Vacation.

It’s easier to share the story now that Tom and I know it’s a pretty happy ending. We’re so grateful to God for seeing us through a challenging season. So many prayers- thank you all!

Anyway, long story somewhat abridged, at some point after Thanksgiving, Tom started feeling a bit awful. Something was way off. A doctor prescribed a 30-day round of antibiotics, and I waited apprehensively for signs of recovery. No signs. But at least Tom got through Christmas. We even traveled, celebrating our son Tyler’s wedding to Maria, and Tom was able to keep up with us as we traipsed about Spain. A very blessed time.

But by early January, during an exam, we were told there seemed to be a mass or tissue developing. The doctor believed there was a small chance it was not cancer. We braced for worst-case scenarios. I’d never seriously considered the possible demise of my life partner happening any time soon. Like, “Free Crab Tomorrow”, it’s never tomorrow, so… no problem.

A wake up call for sure. This new reminder (that, yes, we’re mortal), led to other thoughts. Thoughts of guilt (I could’ve taken better care of Tom and skipped that last garden project?). Thoughts of loss (pity party). Thoughts of incompetence (I couldn’t do the taxes, nor make sense of Tom’s chicken-scratch paperwork.) Thoughts of God…first, having to tell Him, “Not my will but Yours be done”. Also wondering how, in this case, could it possibly be that “all things turn out for the good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose”? I imagined that, well, it would be one way to get family together. Eulogy, “Yeah, I know Tom would’ve liked to have been here.” And, “But we’re so grateful all of you could come anyway…” And then I’d cry. (I didn’t want to be a widow at 65. Who does?)

Tom’s Breakfast?! (Plus Meals of Giant Salads & Veggies)

But. We had to try. We began a heavy-duty health/cancer protocol. I ordered books, watched videos… We quit coffee and alcohol. And wine (though I thought wine was a supplement form of resveratrol? No!). Tom started a “12-Step” program… Well, really, more like fifteen or twenty steps- things to have in the morning and throughout the day, while supposedly reducing his stress levels (well, THAT’s stressful!), getting more sleep…

I stocked up on massive amounts of groceries. Going organic and plant-based was not going to be cheap. Or compact. (Maybe a second fridge would help?) Just for fun, I wanted to share the list of all Tom was having at breakfast or throughout the day. We’ve let up on some of this routine, but are both still adhering to much of this now:

  1. Liposomal C (I’d been making it for several years already, to combat basic “bugs and viruses”)
  2. Fresh-juiced organic grapefruit, orange and lemon (according to Gerson Therapy)
  3. Citrus Flavonoid Tonic (some were calling it a “Hydroxychloroquine” mix, but that stuff’s synthetic, and this stuff’s natural/DIY style)
  4. “Ginger Bug” (a probiotic made with ginger root)
  5. Iodine Drops
  6. Natto (Japanese-style fermented soybeans I started making, touted for boosting heart health and immunity)
  7. High-polyphenol Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  8. Fresh-ground black cumin seed (tastes like motor oil, but cancer cells hate it too)
  9. Vitamin D, Zinc, Saw Palmetto
  10. Cod Liver Oil
  11. Fresh Veggie Juice (carrot, celery, Granny Smith apple, cabbage)
  12. Smoothie with berries and Kombucha
  13. Apricot Kernels
  14. Brazil Nuts
  15. Oatmeal and other starches as necessary (for weight gain!)

God has proven faithful. Even in the midst of this, and not knowing the prognosis, and needing to go to our son’s wedding, we were able to have joy. Thank you Lord for that!
Now we’re back to some gardening and maintenance (mostly me), deli work (mostly Tom), and enjoying visits with family and friends. We know that God knows the number of our days, but we’re so very grateful Tom’s number wasn’t up yet!

Finally, weeks after that, the biopsy report came in, day after our anniversary. Apparently this WAS a very rare case of it just being an infection. Hallejujah! Even before that report, the urologist had begun suspecting as much, had done more extensive labs, and prescribed the right antibiotic for that particular bacteria. AND, it had begun to work. Which made our 48th Anniversary celebrating especially joyful.

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