6 Easy Morning Rituals for Health

Dry brush your skin! Not all good things cost much money. Here are six simple things you can do to perk your body up first thing in the morning, practically for free. These routines can get your body prepared for the upcoming day, with body processes functioning better!

1) Drink warm lemon water- It gets digestive process going, among other things! I like to squeeze the juice into a cup of warm water, adding the lemon wedge too (even the peel has nutrients).

2) Wake up earlier- Circadian rhythms are more in tune.

3) Scrape your tongue with a tongue sweeper– A stainless steel “tongue sweeper” is one I’d recommend, though there are also cheaper plastic models available. It doesn’t take much effort, and it might seem like it’s not cleaning much, but it will stimulate the tongue to get rid of any weird stuff hanging around… ‘sposed to help make breath smell nicer too!

4) Get physical- Stretch some, and rebound on a trampoline, or do another type of vigorous movement. I don’t have a trampoline handy, but find that doing over a hundred jumping jacks helps get the circulation going too.

5) Dry-brush– It improves circulation, sloughs off old dead skin cells. Brush your dry skin with the dry brush, towards the heart (so, like from hands, brushing up towards heart. On legs, from feet up towards heart, etc. Our skin is actually the largest organ of elimination, surprisingly. It works to get rid of toxic waste and such. Amazing, right?

6) Say a prayer- Best way I know of to start the day!

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