Why I LUV Bone Broth (even Gelatin…)

Bone broth has really helped improve my health. If there wasn’t time to make that, gelatin might do the trick.
Gelatin fights inflammation- thumbs up!Growing up in the sixties, a few friends had heard that packets of gelatin mixed in warm water might help with hair and nail growth. Even back then, I had some health concerns, and my nails were the pits. So… I tried it. Did my nails become awesome? Did my hair become luxurious? No! I hadn’t yet resigned myself to the fact that I did not genetically inherit the lushest of hair, or exceptional nails. So, like many other teen fads, that one faded. It didn’t solve all my problems, so I figured it bordered on useless. (Kids…)
But, as I got older, inflammation became an issue. Bone broth to the rescue! (A simple recipe for that here.) The gelatin in bone broth fills in the gaps to help make more complete proteins out of other foods. Did you know this?! Apparently, muscle meats (beef, chicken, etc.), when not balanced by other proteins (eggs, fish, dairy, organ meats, shellfish, bone broth) can contribute to inflammation. (Here’s the source for that info) Gelatin can help balance that protein out, helping us fight inflammation.
Oh, and gelatin’s got plenty of glycine, which might help suppress tumors linked with breast cancer. (See more info here.) One more great reason to add it to our diets.
The folks at Great Lakes use grass-fed cows, and good processing techniques to make this gelatin product. If I didn’t make my own bone broth, I’d get this stuff!. Or, another product of theirs: Collegen Hydrolysate. For that, the gelatin is processed a bit more, making it more digestible- perfect for those with weaker digestive issues. Another plus about this form of gelatin is that it will mix well with cold foods, unlike straight gelatin, which is best mixed into hot foods. So it’s great in smoothies!
I’m gonna have some of my bone broth for lunch today, now that I’ve reminded myself of how great this stuff is. Homemade is ideal, since it even has minerals too. But, if time is short, check Great Lakes’ gelatin out!

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