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The New Deli Cafe


9am-3pm Monday-Friday
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Parties, business meetings, receptions: Check out our Catering Menu for ideas!

Talk to our staff at (510) 724-5335 OR, email Jen at For all emails, call to confirm order if you don’t get a quick confirmation email.

Note: Add-ons to orders after work order’s been prepared may incur add-on fee

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Sandwich Trays

We can assemble trays of any quantity, starting at $89.50/tray of ten sandwiches.

  • “Dealer’s Choice” Sandwich Tray- Includes these specialty sandwiches: 2 Turkey Muenster Melts, 2 Roast Beef Motz, 2 Chipotle Chicken, 2 Chicken Walnut, 1 Italian Sub, 1 Cal Grill. Starts at $111 for 10.
  • “Your Choice” Sandwich Tray- We can include your specific favorites; price varies
  • Basic Sandwich Tray Includes 2 Turkey on Dutch, 2 Turkey on Sesame, 2 Roast Beef on Baguette, 2 Ham on Rye, 1 Salami on Sour Roll, and 1 #1Veggie; $99.50 for 10
  • Quarter Sandwich Tray- Great for appetizers, starting at $99.50 for 7 whole sandwiches (in 28 pc.)
  • Open-face Sandwiches (“Bruschetta” style)- $40/tray (about 35 pc.) May include the following, on baguette slices: Roast Beef w/Sun-dried Tomatoes or Chicken Salad w/Caramelized Walnuts

Wrapped or Bag or Box Lunches

In addition to Sandwich Trays, we also offer the following options:

  • Paper-wrapped– Choose from Lunch Menu; sandwiches wrapped in deli sandwich paper and labeled (same price as on lunch menu)
  • Cello-Wrapped Half Sandwiches– Starting at $6.25/per half sandwich, wrapped in cellophane and labeled
  • Basic Bagged Lunch, $13.00 and up
    – Includes New Deli’s choice of $9.95 sandwich, 1 cookie, and chips. Customized for individuals is also available. (Add drinks if desired, for $1-2 more)
  • Bagged Lunch, Custom, prices vary
    – Includes your choice of sandwich, with your choice of extras (cookies, chips, and/or drinks, etc.). Customized and labeled for individuals, $1 bagging fee.
  • Special Box Lunch, $13
    – Includes half sandwich plus pasta salad, plus a wrapped, homemade cookie (plus napkin/fork) ($1-2/extra to include drink)

Popular Green Salads

“3x Bowls”, listed below: Equivalent to 3 individual lunch, boxed salads, in one larger bowl; serving around 12.

Note: Depending on availability, we might need to make a “2x Bowl”- 2/3 the size, 2/3 the price, feeding around 8 people as a side.

  • Bowl, Large Green Salad, w/carrot, cabbage, cucumber, tomato… $42.50
  • Bowl, 3x Caesar Salad, w/authentic Caesar dressing or homemade Ranch dressing… $42.50
  • Bowl, 3x Chicken Caesar… $42.50
  • Bowl, 3x Greek Salad, w/Feta, Greek olives and peppers, onion, tomato… $42.50
  • Bowl, 3x Chef Salad, w/Ham, turkey, Swiss & Cheddar, egg, 1000 dressing… $42.50
  • Bowl, 3x Cobb Salad, w/Grilled chicken, blue cheese, egg, tomato, Italian dressing… $42.50
  • Bowl, 3x Spinach Salad, w/Bacon, sesame seeds, egg, Sweet n’ Sour dressing… $42.50
  • Bowl, 3x House Salad, w/Bacon, Swiss, grilled chicken, egg, tomato, Ranch dressing… $42.50
  • Bowl, 3x Waldorf, w/Apple, pecans, blue cheese, spring greens, Poppy Seed dressing… $46.50


Hot Pasta (3-4 servings/lb. as a side; approx. 3/4 lb. per serving as main dish)

  • Chicken Alfredo, with a garlic cream sauce… $13.95/lb.
  • Pasta Carbonara, with bacon and creamy sauce… $13.95/lb.
  • “Spaghetti” & Meatballs, with fusilli pasta, homemade meatballs & tomato sauce… $12.95/lb

Pasta Salad (approx. 3-4 servings per lb.)

  • Pasta Parmesan, with garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts… $11.95/lb.


We pull together an assortment of extras for your business lunches and such, according to needs/preferences.

  • $1.75/each: “New Deli Choice”, a mix of waters and/or assorted canned sodas
  • $2.00/each: You choose, mix of bottled drinks, fizzy waters, and/or waters and sodas, as specified for particular orders
  • $0.35/each: “Serviceware”, as needed; includes simple paper plates, napkins, forks, tongs

Dessert Choices

  • Goodies, Assorted home-made cookies, brownies, etc., on a tray, $12/lb.
  • Homemade Cookies, Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal, $1.50/ea.
  • Brownies, $2/ea. (or we can do half-pieces; $1.75)

“I came here to bring sandwiches for a potential client… all of them were raved about. I had the Italian Sub and I don’t even know if I breathed while eating it.”

Jason G., Sacramento