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Coconut Honey Butter- For Smoothies, Chia Pudding, Etc.

Nut Milk Concentrate- Greener than Cartons!

Have you ever wondered- why almond milk in a box? It’s convenient. But, it’s not very green. Companies are basically shipping a box of mostly water… not a great carbon footprint.
Plus, once nuts are ground, they’re not as stable. (And rancid oils are death!) Why not just make this recipe?! Throw a few nuts into the coconut/butter mix if desired, and process with your own free water!

Chocolate Fountain: Easy Dip + Fixings

Warm ingredients in low-heat oven first, for easy chocolate fountain

Use a crockpot to warm chocolate and coconut oil, for the easiest chocolate fountain ever. I served this at a women’s retreat this spring, at a camp with minimal kitchen conveniences, and it worked. For minimal effort in serving, set the chocolate out with baskets of graham crackers and marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and strawberries. Hardly any prep involved, but so fun to eat.

Chunky Chocolate, Healthy Style

I need to eat chocolate (ha!), but I don’t need all that sugar. Or the expense of designer chocolate bars. I also need to get coconut oil in my diet (good for my brain). This works for both! So perfect, since it’s sweetened with dried fruits and palm sugar (more minerals and fiber), with added crunch from macadamias (which are lower on the Omega 6 scale and thus less inflammatory that other nuts).
OK, you may ask: Do I have to make this sound so scientific and GOOD for you? Would it be better to say, “Here’s a naughty confection you’ll love?” Cuz it almost passes for that!

Strawberry Mousse in Chocolate Cups

Strawberry Mousse in Homemade Chocolate Cups

This is one elegant dessert, but pretty easy to make. And… OMG- gluten-free!
I usually have frozen berries on hand, and even some gelatin, since I like using it in morning drinks to get the anti-inflammatory benefits.
What I’m saying is… You can probably pull this dessert together (if you’re like me, haha…). And everyone’s tummy will thank you. Nom nom…

Chocolate Mousse w/ Raspberry Bark

Chocolate Mousse- So Light, w/eggs, cream, & tad o' gelatin

Had a reason to celebrate- my friend came off her 30-day cleansing diet. Now we needed a yummy chocolate dessert, gluten-free. nicely garnished. Tricky part: there are no good strawberries in winter to garnish this stuff! Solution: I made a raspberry chocolate bark by boiling down frozen raspberries, spreading on melted chocolate, chilling, and breaking into pieces. YuM!

Seed Starting- “Stratify”, Baby!

Poppies, Frilly Pink, Starting from Seed

I couldn’t find certain exotic poppy seeds, but I grew some plants from Annie’s Annuals last year. I saved those seeds & now have them refrigerated in a bit of perlite. I’ll chill them for two weeks, then leave them out at room temp. for a week. I’ll repeat this for 6 weeks total. Then…hopefully…I will see some results!

Jen’s Top Ten: Healthy Picks for 2019

Stay Healthy with Superfoods

I’ve listed my very favorites for health in 2019. I’m not too obsessed- I mix most of these things together in one big mix, so that I just have to gulp down a single serving of the concoction mixed in water. The rest of the day, I might eat whatever I want, but I feel like I have more self control, since I’ve been adequately nourished. It’s working!

Green Drink for Health in 2023

Mix of chlorella, ashwagandha & more, for natural thyroid health

A green superfood drink starts my day, every day. And I’m so excited- I got through the holidays with no weight gain. My husband gained, even though he and I ate mostly the same things. Except…maybe I ate less of the more “expensive” foods, since I felt so nourished by this routine. It works!

Sourdough Bread, Artisan Style

Artisan Bread w/Sourdough Starter

Man does not live on bread alone, but we tried. (This bread was that good.) There was a learning curve to getting this artisan bread thing right, but… so worth it.

Sourdough Starter Maintenance & Use & Other Details

Stiff Starter: 1/4 c. starter, 1/3 c. water, 1/2 c. wheat/rye flour blend

So… yeast and flour, mixed together, makes a pretty “one-dimensional” flavored bread. But. A well-tended starter, added to some dough, left to bulk-ferment and then have a final rise in the fridge, takes simple flour and water and creates a sum far greater than the parts! Which is why I bother babying my starter. OK, and obsessing about it just a tad… I have a deep respect for this little starter- it does amazing things.