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Green Drink for Health in 2023

Mix of chlorella, ashwagandha & more, for natural thyroid health

A green superfood drink starts my day, every day. And I’m so excited- I got through the holidays with no weight gain. My husband gained, even though he and I ate mostly the same things. Except…maybe I ate less of the more “expensive” foods, since I felt so nourished by this routine. It works!

Root Beer, Healthy Soda Style, Probiotic

Root Beer, Homemade, Healthy, Probiotic

Finally, I feel like I’ve got the right combination for a great, probiotic Root Beer “soda”. I added ginger bug to the second ferment, along with my homemade root beer extract. Tastes legit! No, I didn’t boil the bark and roots for long–maybe that was part of the secret. Yum…

Science Behind “Lose Belly Fat”

Natural Fat Loss

I kept seeing that “Lose Belly Fat” ad last year… I never wanted to click on it- I might start getting a bunch of spam emails for weight loss supplements! Ah, but my husband was just checking his 10-K scores after a run, when he noticed the intriguing headline. He watched the whole video, then filled me in on the details. Perfect! I don’t want to sit through an advertisement that long, but it was cool he could tell me about it. Some of it was interesting. Except for the sales pitch for a product, of course…

Weight Loss, Food Addictions, Bad Habits

Weight Loss Goals

A lot of us may try to reconfigure our habits after the holidays. I know I’m trying to share as much of the Christmas candy we received, before I have a daily habit started up again. Now that it’s the new year, I’m ready to re-commit to healthy habits.

Brazil Bark (For Fast, Healthy Smoothies)

Mix coconut spread, butter, and Brazil nuts- add chunks to smoothies

Why “Brazil Bark”? For the best, easy, nutritious smoothies and other drinks! The coconut spread has MCTs that contribute to brain health and energy. The butter is synergistic for those of us taking cod liver oil (which improves our Omega 3/6 ratio). And Brazil nuts give us our daily selenium, which can be hard to come by. Whoot!

Hot Cocoa (or Cool Fudge), Paleo-Style

Make "Hot Cocoa Concentrate"- just add water

I cut way down on bread. And I try to eat more organic produce, + free-range, grass-fed, wild-caught, yada yada… But… sometimes I just need CHOCOLATE! I can keep from sabotaging my health but making a quick drink out of this stuff. (Or eating as-is.)

Kombucha: Easy Recipe (Once You Have Scoby)

Brew first ferment Kombucha in bottle!

Kombucha brewing should be easy, which you realize after you’ve done it awhile, seeing it survive many adverse conditions! Now I just brew sweet tea right in a pre-warmed canning jar (cheap kind might break). Stir in last batch o’ kombucha, decant right into a bottle- 1st & last ferment in one! (It still takes 3-4 weeks to finish, but skips a step 🙂 )

Quest Bars (& Vitafiber): Recipe, Review

Quest bars: all the rage with many body-builders, paleo-happy types, & for many seeking low-carb solutions to cravings. For me, Quest bars seem OK. But just in a pinch. (Then again, I am in a pinch sometimes!)

I’d never heard of Vitafiber. Or Quest bars. I don’t run with the crowd that works out at the gym and buys muscle-building supplements! But I do get a lot of exercise, and hitch a ride on the Paleo bandwagon often enough, so Nolan’s interests and mine do intersect at points. Not to mention the frugal quality- saving money can be a driving force for me!