Whey Protein Fruity Mix- Use Quality Ingred. w/Home-Made Mix

Find lots of reasons for using whey powder in this article on Mark’s Daily Apple. Like…it can help w/glutathione synthesis, fight allergies, improve Vitamin A absorption, increase serotonin, help prevent bone loss, neutralize virus/bacteria toxins. Other studies show it helping reduce fasting insulin levels¬† if overweight (& glucose spikes), increasing satiety, lowering oxidative brain stress (in mice, at least!). Even helping induce cancer cell death (thanks to whey-specific nutrients), reducing blood pressure & gut inflammation, improving gut health… No wonder I love it!

Fruity Whey Protein Powder Mix

I talked about a basic Protein Powder Mix I make in this article. Below is another real simple recipe you can work off of, to make a top-quality, fruit-flavored protein mix that contains no cheap fillers, but only the highest-quality, organic products. Opt out of certain herbs and/or super-fruit powders, according to your individual needs and preferences. (And pocket-book, haha!)

I don’t add every ingredient to every batch of “Fruity Protein Mix”, but use some variation of this every time. For a change-of-pace, I also mix up a “Vanilla” blend, using a basic whey powder/acacia senegal/psyllium seed powder mix, plus some of this super-pure, organic Vanilla Bean Powder, which does NOT contain dextrose and other junk (like many dry flavorings do).

Use the following as a basic guideline, but feel free to just add your favorites!



1. Mix all the ingredients together in a large, large bowl. Store in glass jar in cupboard. Use 2-3 scoops in a smoothie, to add tons of nutrients!

2. To make an easy smoothie that’s low-sugar (and pretty Paleo!), use: > 2-3 (1-oz.) scoops “Fruity Protein Powder” Mix > Half banana > small handful organic, frozen berries of choice > 2 Brazil nuts (or other fave) > 1 TBS. coconut butter > water (or kefir or kombucha)

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