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Cheap Kitchen Cupboard Redo

Particle Board Shelving Needs Redo

The new year’s almost upon us- thought I’d post a few ideas for “out with the old, in with the new”. So… if you’ are also dealing with old kitchen cupboard shelves made of particle board, this is a real cheap alternative to new kitchen cupboards!

6 Easy Morning Rituals for Health

Dry brush your skin!

No time (or money) to go to the spa and the gym? Here are six simple routines for a healthy start on your day. Dry-brush, drink warm lemon water, scrape tongue, wake up early enough, exercise/stretch a bit, and…pray!

Why I LUV Bone Broth (even Gelatin…)

Gelatin fights inflammation- thumbs up!

Growing up in the sixties, a few friends had heard that packets of gelatin mixed in warm water might help with hair and nail growth. It didn’t solve all my problems, but… now that I’ve researched it, I realize: Bone broth and/or gelatin can really help improve my health.