In Honor of Jen’s Mom

Jen + Mom, 2011
They say we look a bit alike…

I found some pictures we took when mom Nancy helped us out back in 2011. It was par for the course- for decades, she came out several times a year every year, to visit from Michigan. She helped with the work load at the deli, which left us more time afterward to go on exciting field trips with the kids. She spent much of her own spare time developing a great relationship with her grandkids, and with Tom and me.

Tom + Jen's Mom, 2011
Mom, right at home in The New Deli kitchen

She wasn’t a typical guest- she got in the trenches with us at the deli, waiting on and serving customers, and cleaning. Always cleaning! (She endeared herself to the staff, for sure.)

Jen's Mom + Great Grandaughter Elizabeth, 2011

Precious, curls- with granddaughter Elizabeth

We didn’t realize that mom’s 2011 visit would be her last. But we made the most of it, creating more memories with the whole family. She had a special spot in many hearts- even for customers who got to know her over the years. Time was not wasted. But as mom gradually succumbed to the ravages of Alzheimer’s, memories disappeared, not to be held by her again this side of eternity. But we still have the memories, treasured so dearly.

Jen's Mom + Great Grandson Benjamin, 2011
Grammie with her great grandson Benjamin

This June, we celebrate her life, and that of my dad, who passed two years ago (a post on him here). Like many, we couldn’t have a memorial service for him for some time, due to Covid restrictions. It made sense to celebrate them both, with a great group of family and friends who were so impacted by them both through the years. We have been more than blessed by these two beautiful souls.

Jen's Dad w/ First Greatson Jeremiah, 2005
Gerry + Great Grandson Jeremiah, 2005

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