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Chocolate Fountain: Easy Dip + Fixings

Warm ingredients in low-heat oven first, for easy chocolate fountain

Use a crockpot to warm chocolate and coconut oil, for the easiest chocolate fountain ever. I served this at a women’s retreat this spring, at a camp with minimal kitchen conveniences, and it worked. For minimal effort in serving, set the chocolate out with baskets of graham crackers and marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and strawberries. Hardly any prep involved, but so fun to eat.

Sourdough Bread, Artisan Style

Artisan Bread w/Sourdough Starter

Man does not live on bread alone, but we tried. (This bread was that good.) There was a learning curve to getting this artisan bread thing right, but… so worth it.

Sourdough Starter Maintenance & Use & Other Details

Stiff Starter: 1/4 c. starter, 1/3 c. water, 1/2 c. wheat/rye flour blend

So… yeast and flour, mixed together, makes a pretty “one-dimensional” flavored bread. But. A well-tended starter, added to some dough, left to bulk-ferment and then have a final rise in the fridge, takes simple flour and water and creates a sum far greater than the parts! Which is why I bother babying my starter. OK, and obsessing about it just a tad… I have a deep respect for this little starter- it does amazing things.

Marinated Mushrooms

These marinated mushrooms are delicious as is, or add to the grill for a real treat. We’ve been making batches of ’em at the deli, for a pre-rush snack. So savory, so delicious…

Meyer Lemon Dressing

Farro Salad w/Meyer Lemon Dressing

An easy way to make flavorful “preserved Meyer lemons”, only easy-style! I just pureed the lemon peel in my Vitamix with some salt, added extra virgin olive oil. Delicious, on so many things!

Tabbouleh- Traditional or Gluten-Free

Mideastern Salad- Better than Cous Cous!

I’d take this over cous-cous any day–it IS a whole food, not just a refined-flour-pasta shaped like grain! Soak Bulgar wheat, add spearmint, parsley, lemon, cucumber, tomato. Light & fresh.