Whey is Way Cool (Weigh Less, Feel Full, Stay Nourished)

Meals for weight loss: Mix whey powder with ground psyllium husks & acacia powder

I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars monthly on a weight loss system. When my friend told me the monthly cost of the TR90 weight loss plan, I gagged! Then I researched. (What all was IN their products?!) (See my findings here.)

THEN, I searched for the best prices on the raw materials I’d need to somewhat duplicate the TR90 product (hopefully at a better price). Although theirs contains fructose, I didn’t add that. I don’t believe a refined sweetener like fructose will help me lose weight, although I’m sure manufacturers like to put such low-cost additives in their mixes- boosts their profits, and tastes more additively sweet to customers. (Arg!)

But I did decide to try out whey protein, which was a key ingredient in many “diet” mixes. The only other protein powder I’d ever tried was a soy-based one, back in the eighties. That was long before all the stir about genetically modified soy crops, and the other issues with soy. To mention a few: Soy contains phytoestrogens (which can disturb hormone balance). And, like any other bean proteins, the phytic acid soy contains can affect our ability to absorb other nutrients. Also, soy is a goitrogen (so it’s bad for those with thyroid disorders). And it contains protease inhibitors too (which block certain digestive enzymes).

I have not been keen on taking any products containing soy (I even steer clear of pea protein and such). But whey? This sounded interesting. I’d never tried it, though the young men in this household tank up on the stuff for their body-building regimens.

To begin my new regimen, I knew I wanted a plain whey protein, so I wouldn’t be paying for the cheap sweetener and other questionable ingredients many companies like to add. I ordered this 2-lb. pkg. Organic Whey Protein. It was quite an investment at $33/lb.- yipes! And Mark (of Mark’s Daily Apple), doesn’t think you need organic whey, since chemical/pesticide residues won’t be found in the whey itself. I still like the organic stuff though.  I’ve since ordered a larger size of the same product, more simply labeled, but still from the same company, called ProMix Grass Fed Whey Protein – 5lb Bulk Bag. It’s just $15-20/lb.- such a deal for a quality product.

If you’re “sheepish” about ordering five whole pounds of something you’ve never tried before, you can get this decent product instead: Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein; it’s a more economical brand, just $14.99/lb., but you do have to get two pounds to get the better price. Like the stuff I get, it’s also unflavored and low-heat processed, which preserves the “lipolic conjugated linolic acids” (these help us produce Glutathione, which helps destroy free radicals).

glutathoine. (Glutathione can help with mercury detox; this Mercola.com post has a lot of ideas for that project!)

Having looked at the ingredients in the expensive diet mixes, I realized I could easily add a few of them to a base of whey protein powder, at a cheaper investment. For the main blend, I mix in some Acacia Senegal (“Heather’s Tummy Fiber”). I use about 1 TBS. per cup of whey powder. It soothes the stomach and promotes good gut bacteria. (And I think it helps me to not feel too hungry.)

I also add 1 TBS. Psyllium Seed Powder, per cup of whey protein. It’ll add some bulk (from the husk fiber), but also, the prebiotic, fermentable fiber that the whole-seed powder contains will feed/support gut flora. As if that’s not enough, psyllium seed powder can help us produce more beneficial short chain fatty acids like butyrate (discovered in this study being tried on colon cancer patients).

I had used larger quantities of psyllium HUSK powder (not the whole-seed stuff), back when I was pregnant (over 30 years ago), and when my un-diagnosed thyroid problem was so bad– it helped with constipation. The smaller amount of the whole-seed powder I use now is more of a nutrient than a laxative. Ideally, with improved health comes improved digestion, so you don’t need laxatives to be regular.

A handy time-saver is to add several favorite herbs and super foods to one giant mix. Much easier than adding a little this and a little that to every shake. For my first smoothie of the day, I use a “Fruity Mix“, so I can be sure to get those extra nutrients that certain superfruits and herbs contain. It mixes easily into my morning smoothie. Very handy, and super-delicious. Well, unless you’re used to pizza and chocolate bars for breakfast!

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