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Coconut Honey Butter- For Smoothies, Chia Pudding, Etc.

Nut Milk Concentrate- Greener than Cartons!

Have you ever wondered- why almond milk in a box? It’s convenient. But, it’s not very green. Companies are basically shipping a box of mostly water… not a great carbon footprint.
Plus, once nuts are ground, they’re not as stable. (And rancid oils are death!) Why not just make this recipe?! Throw a few nuts into the coconut/butter mix if desired, and process with your own free water!

Bittersweet Chocolate with Benefits

Homemade Bittersweet, Honey-Sweetened Chocolate Bar

I had a giant bag of cocoa powder on hand, some Ceylon cinnamon (because that’s so healthy for you). AND, a serious chocolate craving. Well, this recipe satisfied those cravings, while still being healthier (no sugar, but lightly honey-sweetened). Full of good ole’ coconut oil too, which is good for the metabolism and brain health. My friends even liked it, and they’re not hard-core health nuts like me!

Dolmas: Stuffed Grape Leaves w/Rice, Mint, Pine Nuts…

Dolmas- stuffed grape leaves with rice, dried fruit, mint

This is our favorite New Deli recipe for a Greek classic- Dolmas! Since I have a few grape vines, and autumn’s really setting in, I figured I better pull this recipe out and get to work on that brine- easier than shopping for grape leaves in a jar! We LUV these. The brined grape leaves last a looong time… a batch of Dolmas would keep for over a week, except that we eat ’em all!

Tomato Tart: Skip Mayo, Make w/Real Ingredients!

Tomato Tartlets w/No Mayo!

I had an exceptional tomato tart at a friend’s house. It was such a treat. I suspected it had mayo in it- when my friend told me it was a Paula Deen recipe, I knew I was right! But I wanted to make something like it for a tea party in the garden. I skipped…