Superfoods for Super Health

Thought I’d share info on superfoods for super health, from my annual Women’s Retreat session on “Abundant Health in Christ”. Most of the notes this year are about our relationship with Jesus, and how we can find abundant health through that. But utilizing a few of the wonderful, natural, healing foods God put here for our own good, also seems worthy of mention!

Dry Blend of Superfoods for Breakfast Smoothies

I don’t make a big production every morning, to get my nutrient fix. I have a few jars of blends; I just add a scoop to various drinks.

  • Maca/Gelatin Mix is added to smoothies (using Collagen gelatin, which mixes well with cold ingredients)
  • “Maca/Gelatin/Eleuthero/Fo-Ti Blend” is added to my hot “Golden Milk” brew
  • “Chlorella/Spirulina Mix” (which also includes Nopal, Astragalus, Liver, Brewer’s Yeast, Ashwaghanda, and Goat Whey) is added to a cup of cold water in a jar, shaken well, and quickly chugged down

Below is a list of the foods in my arsenal. Let good health prevail!

Super Foods & Such

Ashwagandha Root Powder, Organic– Can support thyroid function. An adaptogen, filling various nutritional/hormonal needs, improving sleep, improving energy; decreasing anxiety, increasing libido; improving concentration.

Astragalus Root Powder– It reduces inflammation (by reducing nitric oxide levels released from cells). An immune-enhancer. In activating enzymes stimulating telomere production, it might reduce cell death from aging and cancer.

Black Cherry Juice Concentrate, Organic– Can reduce gout-causing uric acids; anti-arthritic.

Black Cumin Seeds, Organic– Fights Candida, cancer, autoimmune disease. May help asthma, allergies, eczema, inflammation, digestion. Might help fight super bugs (MRSA, etc.). The thymoquinone (TQ) in this can improve cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It can increase glutathione, to prevent cell damage from free radicals, heavy metals. (Use oil topically for skin problems,)

Chlorella Powder, 1 lb.– Binds with mercury from silver/amalgam fillings. Loaded with nutrients.

Cinnamon, Ceylon– Can potentially reduce blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Other cinnamon varieties (Indonesian, Saigon, cassia cinnamon) have a lot of coumarin, which can mess with liver function.

Coconut Manna, Organic– This is pure coconut, pureed smooth, to use for sauces, smoothies, soups. It can go by other names as well: coconut spread, coconut butter, coconut cream… It contains the pulp/fiber, plus oil (good for brain/metabolism/immune system, etc.).

Cod Liver Oil Mixed w/Royal Butter– A mix of the two ingredients is synergistic but quite expensive. Just eat pastured butter in meal, with cod liver oil.

Cod Liver Oil, Blue Ice Fermented– Helps balance Omega 3/6 ratio; may improve dental health,skin issues.

Desiccated Liver, Grass Fed– Better assimilation than iron from plant sources (even more taken with acidic lemons or other fruits). Is liver toxic? The liver neutralizes toxins (drugs, chemicals, poisons), but it doesn’t store them. Toxins will more likely accumulate in fatty tissues and nervous systems. What IS stored in the liver? Vitamins A, D, E, K, B12 and folic acid, plus minerals (iron, etc.).

Diatomaceous Earth–For Candida and other yeast problems. It binds with toxic metals in the body, helping with detox. Some folks love it for hair, skin, and nail health. Drink 2 tsp. each morning, half hour before breakfast (every other month).  Give dogs half that (rids them of worms and other nasty parasites.) Also, doesn’t mess with other beneficial bacteria in our gut.

Eleulethero Root–For cold relief, fatigue, high cholesterol; the list goes on! A tonic to boost the immune system, and more.

Fo-Ti–A longevity tonic that may be used in cancer treatment, for inflammation, high cholesterol, insomnia; thought to help even tinnitus and premature graying.

Gelatin, Organic– From grass-fed cows, for joints, skin, hair, cellulite, nails, etc. It’s not a complete protein, but supplies the body with oft-missing amino acids. Great for swollen knee issues (give it a few months). Sprinkle on water, add boiling water/tea (it won’t mix well into cold foods, unless dissolved and heated first).

Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate– Like the gelatin above, but this form of gelatin will mix well with cold foods- great in smoothies.

Goat Whey (AKA Capra Mineral Whey) (From grass-fed goats)—Lots of minerals, in easily-absorbed form. It is super alkaline, for reducing acidic deposits in arthritic joints, even helping acid reflux, inflammation, Osteoporosis, and bone mass loss.

Heather’s Tummy Fiber (Organic Acacia Senegal)– This typically helps folks with IBS. But it also helps general digestion and improves gut flora.

Jun Kombucha Scoby—The “champagne” of probiotic drinks! Make with green tea and honey (instead of the black tea and sugar used for “regular kombucha”).

Kefir Grains– This is for “water kefir”, a non-dairy way to get probiotics. No need to purchase pricier organic milk kefir or yogurt this way. Add water, sugar, and a splash of molasses, let ferment.

Kombucha – Another popular probiotic brew.

Maca Powder, Organic– A natural endocrine adaptogen; supporting normal hormone production by stimulating/nourishing the hypothalamus and pituitary glands (which regulate other glands). Some have seen it reverse hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, anemia, infertility, and post-menopausal symptoms. For men and women, it may also be a libido enhancer.

Matcha Green Tea Powder– Metabolism-boosting, loaded with antioxidants.

Nopal Powder– Smooths out blood sugar levels, improves inflammatory conditions.

Protein Powder, Whey, Grass Fed, Cold-processed – 5lb.— A personal fave… No additives.

Saffron, Mehr Premium– I need to remember to use this, ha! Popular as a memory enhancer and appetite suppressant; it’s gourmet too, for pilafs, stews, risotto, etc..

Superfood Powder by Dr. Schulze– A handy mix to add to smoothies, to insure ultimate, natural nutrition– superfood powder from natural sources. Vitamins can be manufactured synthetics, but they might be missing some (yet discovered) components crucial to our nutritional well-being.

Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate, Organic– This can help control blood sugar and cholesterol levels, maybe even decreasing abdominal fat and inflammation, and improving muscle recovery after workouts.

Turmeric Powder– Full of antioxidants; anti-inflammatory too, with potential for use with Alzheimer’s patients.

Yucca Root,1 lb.– This contains certain chemicals that might reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol, arthritic pain, swelling, and stiffness.

Good Water

Water Filter, Berkey– Fluoride and chlorine can disrupt thyroid function, among other things. (Read this about all the potential poisons in water- yikes!)

Water Filter, “Clearly Filtered”– Economical filter that does get out the chlorine and fluoride (plus other stuff); preferable to many other products.

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