Cocoa-Nut Fudge: Easiest Recipe for Healthy Snack Yet?!

My mom’s over 70 years old and doesn’t cook much anymore. When I was in town for Christmas, she still had some of the coconut oil I’d purchased for her earlier this year. I had stocked her up on the stuff after reading that coconut oil might help Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. It had struck me, after a scare with mom last January (short-term memory loss with some complications), that indeed, anyone might be vulnerable to dementia of some sort. It hardly seemed a bad idea to take steps that might improve the condition (or even possibly prevent it).

Easy 4-ingredient Healthy "Fudge"So I threw together a concoction for my mom, using that coconut oil, plus a few other ingredients she had on hand. She’s not like me–she doesn’t order hard-to-find ingredients online, keeping crazy health food ingredients in stock. Her cupboard’s not stocked with palm sugar, cacao nibs, quinoa, amaranth and the like. (If you have a cupboard like that, you might want to check out my “Coconut Bark” recipe, using raw cacao nibs, or this Healthy Fudge recipe using toasted cacao nibs.)

After the typical holiday splurging, I’m actually craving healthy snacks. Like this one! It seems to be a good way to wean myself off the other chocolatey confections we’d been indulging in. This recipe can be multiplied, or adjusted to suit tastes. Add a dash of sea salt, or vanilla, or different nuts, as desired. Makes 8 or so 1/2″ slices.


  • 1/2 c. coconut oil, melted
  • 1/2 c. cocoa powder
  • 1 c. dates (Medjool or other)
  • 2/3 c. macadamias (or other nut)


1. Mix everything in a bowl, and press into a small loaf pan (or other mold). Chill until firm, half a day or so, then cut into slices. It’s that easy!

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