Coconut Bark W/Cacao Nibs: A Healthy Snack, & MCTs for Fuel

Rich with raw cacao nibs, this nourishing snack satisfies the chocoholic seeking health. The coconut oil (or cream) used in this is also rich in MCTs (medium-chain-triglycerides), which are a great fuel for the brain.

Grateful-Table-Coconut-Bark-w-Cacao-NibsUse virgin coconut oil or other fine products from specialty and health food stores: “coconut cream concentrate”, “coconut spread” or “coconut manna” are great products which contain much of the “meat” of the coconut, pureed into a smooth paste that is incredibly flavorful. (Canned coconut cream will not be firm enough.)

Refrigerate this confection, and personalize as desired, adding more or less of the ingredients, according to personal tastes. The lack of eggs or dairy makes this snack perfect for vegans too! Makes one loaf (20 or so thin slices).


  • 1 c. virgin coconut oil or alternative (mentioned above)
  • 1 c. dates, pitted (Medjool if available)
  • 1 c. macadamia (or substitute pecans or walnuts)
  • 1 c. cacao nibs*
  • 1 c. raisins (or substitute dried cranberries or other favorite dried fruit)
  •   Optional: 1 c. pumpkin seeds


1. Melt the coconut oil (or other), setting the jar in a pot of simmering water (with a rag at the bottom of the pot to keep the jar from breaking). An alternate method: Set in oven with just the pilot light on, for several hours. Use: > 1 c. virgin coconut oil

2. In a loaf pan, add the following, mixing somewhat: > Dates > Nuts > Cacao nibs* > Dried Fruits, etc.

3. Pour the melted coconut oil over the loaf of ingredients, mixing well. Press the mixture down and chill until firm.

4. Run hot water over the loaf pan (held upside-down) to get the coconut bark back out, and slice it up. Individual slices can be wrapped in plastic wrap; handy to grab in a hurry! A perfect between-meal snack.

*Toast nibs to improve texture and flavor, if desired!

12 Responses to “Coconut Bark W/Cacao Nibs: A Healthy Snack, & MCTs for Fuel”

    • Reply Jennifer Cote

      Yeah, Kerry- I was so surprised to notice them using cacao nibs to top some savory dish on the Food Network channel. I use ’em cuz they’re so healthy, but I think they taste good too. I guess the Food Network agrees!
      Try getting some “coconut puree” (of one kind or another). Such a good snack…

  1. Reply Carol Gay Fagerhaugh

    Does this recipe call for coconut oil or coconut Creme ? I suppose I can use both. I just thought I remembered using the coconut Creme? Can’t wait to make this again !

    • Reply Jennifer Cote

      It is better with the coconut creme, Carol. AKA coconut spread, coconut manna… basically, the whole coconut, pureed. YUM! (It still works with coconut oil, but not quite as tasty :D)

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