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Sub for Missing Chocolate: Cocoa Nib Rocky Road

TJ's was out of my fave chocolate...

A jar of cocoa nibs from our pre-Covid years sat on my shelf- hadn’t needed to resort to eating those again. UNTIL…supply chain shortages! With TJ’s out of stock on my Montezuma Unsweetened Chocolate, and THEN, their Extra Dark Pound Plus Chocolate Bar getting stuck on some cargo ship, I resorted to those cacao nibs after all.

Eating Healthy- Weight Maintenance

This was news to me: how to combine proteins with fats, or proteins with carbs, for better digestion, health, and weight maintenance. (Or, even to do a protein meal here or there, with minimal fat or carbs, to actually lose weight…) Six months in, I’ve discovered it works. So I summed up my journey in 1,200 words or less… (Oh dear- sorry, I was as concise as I could be!)

Chia Pudding, Healthy, Super-fast, Eco-Friendly

Fast Easy Chia Pudding w/OUTBoxed Almond Milk!

Whip up batches of this pudding fast, using “coconut honey butter” as a base. It’s a concentrated “milk” you make yourself. It replaces that box of watered-down (& possibly rancid?) nut milk. No big carbon footprint from producing, packaging, and transporting that box of nut milk (that’s like, 85% water). See- you can eat this yummy pudding and feel like you’re saving the planet, haha!

Coconut Honey Butter- For Smoothies, Chia Pudding, Etc.

Nut Milk Concentrate- Greener than Cartons!

Have you ever wondered- why almond milk in a box? It’s convenient. But, it’s not very green. Companies are basically shipping a box of mostly water… not a great carbon footprint.
Plus, once nuts are ground, they’re not as stable. (And rancid oils are death!) Why not just make this recipe?! Throw a few nuts into the coconut/butter mix if desired, and process with your own free water!

Chunky Chocolate, Healthy Style

I need to eat chocolate (ha!), but I don’t need all that sugar. Or the expense of designer chocolate bars. I also need to get coconut oil in my diet (good for my brain). This works for both! So perfect, since it’s sweetened with dried fruits and palm sugar (more minerals and fiber), with added crunch from macadamias (which are lower on the Omega 6 scale and thus less inflammatory that other nuts).
OK, you may ask: Do I have to make this sound so scientific and GOOD for you? Would it be better to say, “Here’s a naughty confection you’ll love?” Cuz it almost passes for that!

Green Drink for Health in 2023

Mix of chlorella, ashwagandha & more, for natural thyroid health

A green superfood drink starts my day, every day. And I’m so excited- I got through the holidays with no weight gain. My husband gained, even though he and I ate mostly the same things. Except…maybe I ate less of the more “expensive” foods, since I felt so nourished by this routine. It works!

Bittersweet Chocolate with Benefits

Homemade Bittersweet, Honey-Sweetened Chocolate Bar

I had a giant bag of cocoa powder on hand, some Ceylon cinnamon (because that’s so healthy for you). AND, a serious chocolate craving. Well, this recipe satisfied those cravings, while still being healthier (no sugar, but lightly honey-sweetened). Full of good ole’ coconut oil too, which is good for the metabolism and brain health. My friends even liked it, and they’re not hard-core health nuts like me!

Cocoa Nib Fudge, Fruit-Sweetened

Cocoa nibs blended with dates, raisins, butter, coconut oil

Tom and I have a quick liquid breakfast that usually includes a cup of this fudgey stuff, blended with boiling water, hot chocolate style. I like to add a scoop of favorite supplements, and a raw egg, which gets the drink slightly thick and frothy. Yum!

You can use your fat of choice, but I use mostly pastured butter in mine, since we also take a shot of cod liver oil every morning, and the butter works synergistically with it for better nutrition.

Root Beer, Healthy Soda Style, Probiotic

Root Beer, Homemade, Healthy, Probiotic

Finally, I feel like I’ve got the right combination for a great, probiotic Root Beer “soda”. I added ginger bug to the second ferment, along with my homemade root beer extract. Tastes legit! No, I didn’t boil the bark and roots for long–maybe that was part of the secret. Yum…