Cranberry Bread- Whole Grain (The Pilgrims Might’ve Even Ate!?)

I just wanted to mention, real quick: I tweaked my Cranberry Orange Nut Bread recipe, and I like it even better. Those of us that are eager to forego excess dairy should be glad to know: one can skip the cheddar cheese, to no bad effect. (I inadvertently left it out, and then I was glad I did…)

Whole Grain Cranberry Bread

This is actually a picture of the original cranberry bread. Because I don’t want to take another pic right now!

Now that I have a VitaMix, I thought I’d grind up some fresh whole wheat flour to substitute for two thirds of the white flour. Then I substituted corn flour for the other third. Using part corn flour gave it a nice hearty texture.

I meant to make a trip to the health food store to get more whole-grain corn flour, but since I ran out of time, I wondered if the “Masa Corn Flour” from the grocery store would substitute. Corn meal would’ve been too coarse, but the masa corn flour worked great. The manufacturer is savvy too; even though this is probably a product bought out of tradition, so that many folks can make their holiday tamales, they are now marketing it as “gluten-free”. It is nice that it’s a gluten-free flour, and if you’re concerned about the high phytate content of so many grains, you might appreciate knowing that the corn flour gets treated with lime, which effectively eliminates any phytate problem, too.

So… anyone else up for experimenting? You might try substituting a mix of fresh-ground whole wheat and corn flour for your next baking venture. Let me know how it turns out!


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