What Paleo Dessert Can I Make for Chocolate Piggies?


The story behind this “Chocolate Mousse Cream Recipe“: My friend started supplying me with her excess duck and chicken eggs, barter style. (“Of course I’d like to trade you a dozen eggs for a New Deli sandwich!”) Her problem had become, “What do I do with all these eggs?!” Not a problem for me. Our family had recently gotten into paleo-style eating. (I realized, after veggin’ out for several years, that getting some quality animal protein was a good thing.)

So we’ve been eating eggs. But let’s not get boring (can’t serve scrambled, fried, and omelets all the time). That’s when I figured it was time to try a recipe I’d seen on Pinterest. I had to tweak it, since I wanted to use coconut oil in place of coconut milk. Coconut oil is so stable- won’t go rancid, and it adds good MCTs to our diet (brain food, good for metabolism, etc.). Plus, I figured it would help firm up the mousse as it chilled.

It worked! It worked so good that my friend never saw the cute jar of chocolate mousse cream I’d thought I’d put up for her. Turns out, I put it up for myself, haha. I managed to wait ’till my husband got home, but then we polished off the whole batch. So delicious.

I made it again- thought I’d take another picture of it, but again, it didn’t last long enough. At least we managed to share that batch with our son, who got home just in time.

Next time I make this, I’ll have to double it. It may go a little further, and I can finally share with my friend. But we’ll see. This is some real good stuff!


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