Open Weekdays, Closed Weekends

Life growing up in a small businessWe were a bit torn about closing Saturdays, but we had done it before. Not at first, when we worked every possible hour to stay afloat. Son Miles was two years old at the time, and his naps were often taken in the back room. He didn’t want to take a nap, but might fall asleep in a box, while fighting the urge.

New Deli Family BusinessFast-forward a few years. The kids were in various school activities on weekends, and the business had become established, so we closed weekends to give us more time with family. As our two sons got older, they began helping at the deli when they could; literally a family business.

By the time the kids were out on their own, plaza rent increased significantly under new ownership. Between that, the dot-com bust and the real estate crisis, Tom and I decided reopening Saturdays may prove helpful.

New Deli- Great Staff, but Closed WeekendsThirty-two years in this business, we’re opting to close weekends once more. The biggest loss is of seeing those loyal Saturday fans we’ve known through the years. We’ll miss you too! But we relish the chance to be more involved in other events with family (which has grown) and friends. We still have a great staff (many of whom are pictured here), and hope we can still continue to serve you!

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