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Apple Cake, Super-Fast, Tasty Style

Easiest quick apple cake

It’s Granny Smith apple season! They make the best applesauce- you don’t even need sugar. Well, IMO anyway. And they make awesome pies! But they are also perfect for this super-easy apple cake. It gets kind of busy this time of year, so it’s nice to have a dessert I can literally whip up in a few minutes. YUM.

Green Chili Cheese Soup

Vegetarian Soup w. Roasted Peppers

This quick, easy soup recipe has tomato, potatoes (or sub hominy), plus toasted cumin seeds. Home-roasting the peppers is easy enough, or use canned for a real quick meal.

London Broil w/ Marinated Mushrooms (Tri-Tip Works too)

Roast beef w/ Marinated Mushrooms, barbequed on grill

I pulled this recipe out of the archives, since I’m planning ahead for summer barbeques. This recipe for London Broil or Tri-Tip (AKA “bottom sirloin butt” or “triangle roast”) is economical and flavorful. (Did you know the expensive cuts are much more tender, but cheaper cuts have a more robust flavor?)

A bit of sugar helps the meat to brown; soy sauce adds savory flavor, and vinegar tenderizes. Easy!

Chicken Paprikash: Easy Chicken & Pasta Dish

Chicken w/ Hungarian style Paprikash sauce, over pasta

This dish can be thrown together easy, with some pasta on hand, and a bit of sour cream, chicken, and spice. This version is a newer, easier, healthier version of a classic. The sour cream adds a bit of fat, but it’s still lower-fat than the original recipe, and it seems to be a crowd-pleaser….

Strawberries w/ Chocolate Dip & Orange Dip: Color the Buffet

What can be easier to prepare for the buffet table than wicker baskets lined with lettuce, full of strawberries? Add a side of dipping sauce for a stress-free appetizer. Serve fruit dips in stemmed glasses for extra elegance. The cream cheese fruit dip with orange goes well with the strawberries, and the chocolate sauce is…

Quick Chicken Alfredo

Plate w/ Fettucine, Chicken and Cream Sauce

“Leftovers”? Put to Work, and Awesome! This popular Italian pasta dish, with its creamy base and fresh garlic flavor, can utilize “leftover” chicken. Delicious! While “Fettucine Alfredo” is most traditional, we use rotelle pasta at The New Deli, which cooks up easily (it’s less likely to stick together). Our version is also lighter than most…