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Gingerbread Cookies, Natural Style

Ginger’s great- helping w/inflammation &blood sugar/serum cholesterol/cortisol levels. Not that I’m chowing down on Gingerbread cookies for health reasons. Easy decorating w/fruits & nuts tho!

Giving: Green Christmas Gift Ideas

Natural Beeswax Candles- Green Gifts!

No fighting crowds! My fingers are doing the walking, with “Green Gift Giving” ideas- eco-style trends of the hipster folk. Yay- I’ve got more time to make homemade goods!

7-Minute Toffee: Quick Candy Recipe!

I love this quick, easy recipe- it makes a perfect Christmas gift from the kitchen, too. If you’re interested in making more homemade Christmas gifts, I also have a popular recipe for fudge, here, and homemade skin care gift ideas here, plus a gingerbread ornament craft here. This toffee’s even alright for those on gluten-free…