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Coconut Date Shake: No Juice Or Extra Sugars (All Natural!)

The perfect meal for staying healthy on-the-go: A Hawaiian style smoothie with no processed juice. Add extra protein if preferred, for a “protein shake”, but this already has protein from the cashews. With the nuts and the coconut cream (or virgin coconut oil), this can be a “meal replacement drink” full of healthy oils and…

Easy Fondant for Two-Layer Cake, Using 10 oz. Marshmallows

Pink birthday cake decorated w/ dipped marshmallows on a stick

One might add different flavorings, or tint the fondant. Some recipes call for corn syrup and salt, which doesn’t seem necessary. (Using salted butter adds sufficient flavor.) This particular cake was “Baba Rum” (alcohol-free version, recipe here). It was cut into layers which were spread with strawberry puree and whipped chocolate cream. When making a…

Chocolate Truffle Cake, Non-Alcohol Version (No Kahlua)

This extra-rich, decadently chocolate cake is also a quick and easy recipe, with a minimum of ingredients. The original recipe called for Kahlua liqueur (see recipe here), but this version saves money; just use a homemade blend of espresso and maple syrup. The original recipe called for a cup of espresso and a 1/4 c….

Chocolate Truffle Cake w/Kahlua: Easy Torte

Eggs, Butter, Chocolate, Coffee: Easy Chocolate Torte

This torte a minimum of ingredients–a super easy recipe. There’s not even gluten in it, for those looking for gluten-free. It is traditionally made with Kahlua; for a non-alcohol version, see this page. If the 10″ pan is not available, smaller sizes can be used; just cook the cake longer. It won’t set up as…

7 Layer Salad, “Seventh Heaven”- Either Way, Good!

8 Layer Salad w/ Peas, Parmesan, Bacon, Veggies

There are many versions of the 7-layer salad recipe around, and many people probably have their own favorites. This one is my favorite; the combination of green peas and parmesan go so well together, and the flavors of the finely-chopped veggies layered under it permeate the whole salad. As a newlywed (almost forty years ago)…

Pork Loin Roast: Easy Marinade- No MSG! Juicy, Tender…

A whole pork loin (about 6-8 lb.) can be cut in half, making it easier to fit into a zip-lock bag for marinating. If starting with a smaller roast, cut down a bit on the marinade ingredients. It may still take up to 1 1/2 hours to cook; a meat thermometer stuck in the middle…

London Broil w/ Marinated Mushrooms (Tri-Tip Works too)

Roast beef w/ Marinated Mushrooms, barbequed on grill

I pulled this recipe out of the archives, since I’m planning ahead for summer barbeques. This recipe for London Broil or Tri-Tip (AKA “bottom sirloin butt” or “triangle roast”) is economical and flavorful. (Did you know the expensive cuts are much more tender, but cheaper cuts have a more robust flavor?)

A bit of sugar helps the meat to brown; soy sauce adds savory flavor, and vinegar tenderizes. Easy!

Ginger Chicken: Easy Meal, Great on the Grill

Ginger Chicken, Spinach Salad, and Corn on the Cob

A good marinade has a few simple elements: Vinegar or lemon for tenderizing, sugar to help the meat to brown well, soy sauce (or other salty additions) to add savory flavor, plus favorite herbs and spices. This recipe uses fresh ginger and garlic, mixed in with a basic soy sauce/vinegar/brown sugar mix. It’s a quick…

Chicken Paprikash: Easy Chicken & Pasta Dish

Chicken w/ Hungarian style Paprikash sauce, over pasta

This dish can be thrown together easy, with some pasta on hand, and a bit of sour cream, chicken, and spice. This version is a newer, easier, healthier version of a classic. The sour cream adds a bit of fat, but it’s still lower-fat than the original recipe, and it seems to be a crowd-pleaser….