Coconut Date Shake: No Juice Or Extra Sugars (All Natural!)

The perfect meal for staying healthy on-the-go: A Hawaiian style smoothie with no processed juice. Add extra protein if preferred, for a “protein shake”, but this already has protein from the cashews. With the nuts and the coconut cream (or virgin coconut oil), this can be a “meal replacement drink” full of healthy oils and “good fat”. (Yes, there are good fats!)

Grateful-Table-Coconut-Date-ShakeFreeze bananas ahead of time, and this smoothie comes together quickly. Note that room temperature banana can develop a different texture from blending, but frozen bananas whirl up with a texture like ice cream. Delicious!

For a smoother texture, soak the dates and cashews a day ahead, covered with cold water and stored in the refrigerator. Contains no dairy, but it’s still nice and creamy- a vegan delight!


  • 1-2 c. frozen banana pieces
  • 1/3 c. “cashew milk”, or one handful raw cashews (soaked a day ahead, or not)
  • small handful dates, pitted (soaked a day ahead, or not)
  • 1-2 TBS. or so of coconut cream (more if using coconut milk)*
  • cold water as needed, for blending


1. Ahead of time, prepare a bunch of bananas. Peel the bananas, slice through them, and lay them out on a tray that’s covered with an inside-out zip-loc bag (or other thick plastic bag). (Note: Plastic wrap is thin and might break apart and stick to the frozen bananas.)

2. Let the bananas freeze solid. Store them for weeks in the zip-loc bag, using as needed.

3. This step is not necessary, but for smoothest smoothie, soak raw cashews and dates in water; refrigerate overnight.

4. Blend all of the above until smooth in a blender.

* If using virgin olive oil, perhaps mix it with some boiling water first. It’s very solid, which can make it challenging to work with.

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