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Artichoke Frittata, Gluten-Free

Gluten-Free Aritchoke Frittata

Many popular breakfast places add flour to their egg dishes, knowing it helps the eggs hold their shape- to stay light, fluffy… But potato starch works too. This is a great dish for party time- easy to make!

Stock- Homemade & Easy!

Chicken, Turkey, Beef, or Pork: Homemade Stock

Yes, it’s easier to buy a carton or can of it, but some nutrition & flavor’s lost. A good batch of stock is full of gelatin, congealing after refrigerating, so you know it’s rich. And, you can use minimal salt when making your own. More flavor, & healthier.

Chicken w/ Sesame Orange Marinade (Easy Recipe for a Crowd)

Sesame Orange Chicken for a Crowd

I’m starting to plan for our annual Easter Egg Hunt on Palm Sunday, and think I’ll serve this, since it makes so much. Yes, it’s also nice to serve on a smaller scale (just reduce the recipe). But it’s ideal when you need a big batch of something, and don’t have a lot of time…

Easy Sourdough Starter Recipe: Pineapple Juice, Wheat, Water

Sourdough Starter Using Pineapple Juice

This is the sourdough starter recipe that worked for me I love making this bread with my starter. (Or use it for any fave recipe, like this whole wheat bread or this wheat/rye raisin bread). My friend Joanna didn’t have to resort to using pineapple juice for her original sourdough starter, but then, she lives…

Kefir: Non-dairy Water Kefir- Easy, Simple Directions

Water Kefir, Healthy Stuff

Water kefir’s different that milky kefir. The grains grow in sugar water with a touch of molasses added. The kefir grains eat up the sugars and leave a fermented drink high in probiotics. A more economical probiotic than bottled ones, too, made with simple ingredients and an easy method. How cool is that?!