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Ginger Chicken: Easy Meal, Great on the Grill

Ginger Chicken, Spinach Salad, and Corn on the Cob

A good marinade has a few simple elements: Vinegar or lemon for tenderizing, sugar to help the meat to brown well, soy sauce (or other salty additions) to add savory flavor, plus favorite herbs and spices. This recipe uses fresh ginger and garlic, mixed in with a basic soy sauce/vinegar/brown sugar mix. It’s a quick…

Chicken Paprikash: Easy Chicken & Pasta Dish

Chicken w/ Hungarian style Paprikash sauce, over pasta

This dish can be thrown together easy, with some pasta on hand, and a bit of sour cream, chicken, and spice. This version is a newer, easier, healthier version of a classic. The sour cream adds a bit of fat, but it’s still lower-fat than the original recipe, and it seems to be a crowd-pleaser….

Beef Stroganoff: Budget Recipe w/ Chuck Roast- Delicious!

This classic recipe is sped up by using a pressure cooker to simmer the beef, which also seals in flavor. A crock pot, left on low all day, can also be used (or cooked in a low-heat oven). With a few extra ingredients, like carrot, red wine and tomato paste, a simple Beef Bourguignon can…

Black Bean Chili: Easy Vegetarian Soup

Black Bean Chili Soup

Make extra of this to store in the freezer for quick last-minute meals; healthy, nourishing, economical, and tasty. Freeze portions in plastic wrap, and microwave later for soup or burritos. Add tortillas, perhaps avocados, cheese, and tomato, for a simple dinner. (See notes below for a variation, using Pinto beans.) Many recipes call for canned…

Split Pea Soup: Easy Low-fat Vegetarian Style

Leave out the traditional ham hock for this vegan soup. It is low fat but satisfying, even without any added fat. Serves 8. INGREDIENTS 7 c. water 1 lb. split green peas 4 c. (1 lb. or so) carrots, peeled and sliced 1 1/2 c. chopped celery 2-3 bay leaves 4 tsp. “Vege-sal” or “Herbemare”…

Hummus Dip: Mideastern Bean Dip w/ Lemon, Garlic, Sesame

Hummus bowl garnished w/ Parsley, Paprika, Garbanzos

This bean spread can become the protein part of a meal, used on sandwiches or as a side; perfect for a vegan menu. Canned garbanzos are convenient, but cooking dry garbanzo beans saves money. Hummus freezes well, so it’s worthwhile to make a big batch. This can also be served as an appetizer, with toasted…