Stay Healthy During Holidays w/Recipes You Have Time to Make

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Vegan Soaked Grains Oatmeal BarI’m partial to this oatmeal bar recipe, which I’ve been making for months. I’m attributing our excellent health this season to a diet that includes these. (Water kefir has probably been helping too!)

I think that sprouting the grains for this recipe increases digestibility, and protein content too. They are extremely satisfying. Even during the holiday season, when other treats are proliferating , I actually crave these bars despite the competition!

Have you wanted to eat more whole foods but haven’t had the “time”? A lot of my friends have said that. “I want to eat steel-cut oats, but they take so long to cook!” Yes, that’s true. For awhile, I was pouring boiling water over the next day’s steel-cut oats, letting them sit in the cupboard overnight; by morning, a quick jaunt in the microwave would get them cooked enough in about a minute.

But even then, I didn’t always have time. My husband’s a busy man in the morning, and he’d just as soon have a ready-made, boxed cereal, along with some non-organic milk. Just because it was convenient! So I had to come up with a healthy alternative, that I could actually find time to pull off. (After all, we’ve all heard the horror stories of boxed cereals, right?!)

So I soak a massive amount of grains about once a week. So I have to drain and rinse those grains and let ’em sit in the cupboard for another day. THAT does not take much work! It takes some planning ahead, but now that I’ve seen how well these breakfast bars have gone over, it’s so worth it.

I’m happy to say that my husband’s been glad to have a handy breakfast or snack-on-the-run. Even our nephew, who’s been staying with us, has taken to having these bars for breakfast. I consider that a ringing endorsement! After all, he’s young, hip, cool. He’s not just eating ’em because he’s afraid of degenerating in the next few years. (That thought becomes more of a concern as we hit fifty and over!) And even if these oatmeal bars aren’t the “fountain of youth”, our tummies have been quite satisfied lately. Check out that recipe here!


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