Special Deals: Great Price on Coconut Oil (Act NOW!)

Jar of coconut oil, handy broken pieces to useI run low on coconut oil every now and then, even though I do buy it in large quantities. It’s cheaper that way. It has a long shelf life, so why not?! It’ll keep up to five years (way longer than polyunsaturates).

But I hadn’t been able to buy my usualĀ  organic, extra virgin coconut oil (54 fl oz. size) for the last week or two. Out of stock, apparently, at Costco, and on Amazon.

I checked today though, and Amazon was offering that great price of $25.01 (plus free shipping on orders over $25). I snagged some right away. Thought I’d mention it to my readers in this post, just in case you happened to be needing to restock as well.

By this evening, that same coconut oil is now on special for $24.99. Yes, two cents cheaper than this morning. But that can be a problem, if you’re only buying that one item. You’ll only get free shipping if your order’s over $25, so you have to come up with another Nutiva item to add. Unless you have Amazon Prime, with all its perks (free shipping whether you meet the minimum or not, in most cases).

In any case, click on the link if you’re needing to restock. If you act fast, they’ll hopefully still have this special deal. (When I’d checked last week, it was at least ten dollars more- not what this bargain-hunting gal was hoping for!)

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