Soul Food Sunday: Streams of Abundance, Job 29:6

It’s easy to take abundance for granted in our land of plenty. I can only imagine how bittersweet it was for Job to remember the days when God had so blessed him. What a trial Job went through–such a contrast to his previous days!

But it’s a good reminder for us. If we briefly considered how very tough life could be (if “X” happened, or maybe even “Y”), then we can “look back” on our current days in a new light. Perhaps then we can appreciate all that we have, right here, right now.

Job got a bit sentimental, saying, wow, my cows had tons of milk, and my olive trees produced massive quantities of olive oil. But we can almost say that ourselves, today! I guess it’s good to appreciate what we have 😀


Wallpaper: Desktop Backgrounds w/Verses

The following are a couple of backgrounds you might enjoy, using a verse from Job 29:6.

“My cows produced milk in abundance, and my groves poured out streams of olive oil.” Job 29:6

(To use for desktop wallpaper, left click on appropriate monitor size, then right click and choose “select :

Click here for Background for wider monitors

Click here for Background for shorter monitors

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