Soul Food Sunday: Let Crops Burst Out!

I’ve been looking up Bible verses with food themes, and putting them to pictures. The picture below was taken up in Yountville, across the street from The French Laundry. In a perfect world, we might all have such crops growing outside our windows, right?


My own garden might not look quite as impressive, but I’m still excited to see the “crops” truly bursting out! With joy!

Wallpaper: Desktop Backgrounds w/Verses

“Let the sea and everything in it shout his praise! Let the fields and their crops burst out with joy!” 1 Chronicles 16:32

If you like the verse, you might want to select one of the links below, and use the photograph and scripture for your computer background.

To use for desktop wallpaper, left click on appropriate monitor size, then right click and choose “select as desktop background” :

Click here for Background for wider monitors

Click here for Background for shorter monitors

3 Responses to “Soul Food Sunday: Let Crops Burst Out!”

  1. Reply Amber Dobecka

    This is a fabulous idea, Jennifer! Your garden looks fantastic! My husband and I just planted a little garden box ourselves, and we are now reaping the benefits of homegrown tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, mint, and stevia! 🙂 It’s so fun!

    • Reply Jennifer Cote

      It really makes you appreciate the value of the food, when you’ve invested time and effort, and watched it grow, hey, Amber? I’m still waiting for our peppers and tomatoes to ripen, but it sounds like you guys are doing well with your garden box- way to go!

      • Reply Amber Dobecka

        Thanks! Yes, definitely agree with you! Ya, so far, we’ve only gotten a couple peppers and a lil baby tomato, so we’re hoping more come in nicely soon!

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