Proverbs 15:17- Better to Eat Simple Veggies with Love

“Better a small serving of vegetables with love than a fattened calf with hatred.”

Proverbs 15:17

To apply that verse to modern times, we might say, “a small amount of organic veggies, raised and served with love, is better that a huge steak or fatty chicken, pumped up on steroids and chemicals to make it gain weight.”

I realize this verse is comparing humble foods served with love, to fancy foosd served by someone who perhaps doesn’t even like us that much, or who covets what we have or despises our personality, etc. But hatred might even stem from the selfishness seen in profit-mongers, eager to make a few extra bucks. They might think it’s OK to sacrifice quality, to end up with something that looks more impressive to the eye, even if it’s less healthy.

But enough lecturing for now. I don’t think the big, unscrupulous companies are listening!

For me personally, I do know that I enjoy simple meals served at home in the peace of our dining room, with a few people I love, more than when I’m served fancier fare that comes with chaos, angry words, and/or bitter attitudes. Plus, I really like veggies 🙂


Wallpaper: Desktop Backgrounds w/Verses

I made a little poster of that verse (above). We put a copy of it in one of our frames in a New Deli collage of food pics.

I also made up some desktop wallpaper to go with the verse too. Feel free to click on the link to the full-sized pictures (below), to use for your own computer, if you like!

To use for desktop wallpaper, left click on appropriate monitor size, then right click and choose “select :

Click here for Background for wider monitors

Click here for Background for shorter monitors

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