Jun Kombucha, My Fave Probiotic Drink!

I’ve discovered a different kind of scoby that thrives on green tea and honey- a “Jun Scoby”. It’s been called the “champagne” of probiotic drinks. I have to agree! Now I’m now brewing this new kind of Kombucha—less sour than regular Kombucha, with a wonderful fizz and smooth flavor. And it’s still full of probiotics. Awesome. One caveat—it thrives in cooler weather. Perfect for me, with our Bay Area weather. (Others might not have as great success in hotter weather…)

Use Green Tea & Honey in Jun KombuchaFirst, you need a scoby, or some Jun starter tea. I got my Jun scoby on Amazon, here.

There are many ideas on how to brew Jun Kombucha; apparently it turns out even with some variation of method. Some say it is best to make a very sweet brew for the first batch, using 4 tea bags and 2 c. honey to 3/4 gallon boiling water. That gets fermented 4 weeks, is discarded (“too sour”), and then one finally goes on to “regular brewing”.

Someone else says to let the tea brew 20 minutes or so.

But I don’t follow either of those directions! I just brew 4 tsp. loose green tea (I get this organic green tea on Amazon) for every 8 cups I’m making. I don’t add the full 8 c. of boiling water to the tea, since I like to add ice-cubes and/or water, to cool the brew off faster. And—I only brew it for two minutes. (This stuff’s so good, I don’t want to ingest too much caffeine if I’m drinking this later in the day. The grandkids love it too, and don’t need the caffeine either, so- two minutes seems right!)

Also: either raw or regular honey works, though I prefer raw, unfiltered, and organic (like this raw, unfiltered honey on Amazon, or Glory Bee Honey).



  • 4 tsp. loose green tea (or 4 bags)
  • 4 c. boiling water
  • 4 c. ice water (or ice)
  • 1/2 c. (.32 lb) honey (preferably raw, organic)
  • 1/2 c. starter tea (or about 10%)
  • Jun Scoby


Pour boiling water over tea, steeping it two minutes. I steep mine in my stainless steel carafe/thermal mug, because it’s easier than an actual teapot, to clean the loose tea out of. Use: > 4 tsp. loose green tea (gunpowder or regular green) > 4 c. boiling water

After steeping 2 minutes, remove bags. Mix honey in well: > 1/2 c. honey

Add enough ice (or ice water) to bring the water amount up to 8 c.

The sweetened tea should now be room temperature. Then it can be added to the starter tea in a continuous-brew jar, or just add 1/2 c. starter tea and the scoby to this new brew.

After 3 days or so, the tea should have fermented enough to put into bottles with ceramic stoppers. This will keep the carbonation in, as any remaining sugars are converted into soda-pop-style fizz. When bottling, add your choice of flavors- pomegranate juice, organic cherry juice concentrate, ginger, vanilla bean, almond extract… your choice!



2 Responses to “Jun Kombucha, My Fave Probiotic Drink!”

  1. Reply Chloe | Conscious by Chloe

    It’s great to read everybody’s take on the recipes. That’s reassuring to know that there is (almost) no wrong way of making jun or kombucha if you follow basic rules and good sense.
    Thanks for the link for the starters. People keep asking me where they can get one, and since I got mine from a local market, I had no good recommendation.

    • Reply Jennifer Cote

      I’m glad you commented, Chloe- it made me realize I hadn’t included the link to your page. (Hence fixed.) I love your pics- inspirational!

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