Homemade Tooth Powder: Healthy Gums & Teeth

I tried a simple, homemade toothpaste recipe using coconut oil, but I wasn’t super-thrilled about the oil going down the drain. Not that it’s a huge deal. But I decided to make some tooth powder for a change of pace.

Ha, then I got tired of making the powder and went back to buying this Uncle Harry’s Tooth Powder. I do love the product! Seems pricey, although it lasts a long time. (And now I’m buying the ECONOMY-size Uncle Harry’s. Letting my fingers do the walking, ha…)

If you’re into economy over convenience, homemade is an even better deal. Guess I’ve gotten lazy lately though!

Homemade Tooth Powder w/Salt, Bentonite Clay, Baking SodaI tried getting into the tooth-powder habit years ago, but it never happened. With most new habits, if you don’t conscientiously discipline yourself into doing something for thirty days, until it IS a habit, it can easily just become a chore that you soon give it up on. Know what I mean? (This applies to many things…)

But I started reading about the things going into toothpaste (stuff like fluoride, which is an endocrine disruptor, etc.), and I was tired of the expense, so I decided to take home-made dental care more seriously.

I’d already started using essential oils on my gums- rubbing a drop or two on them after meals, since my gums had deteriorated during my many years of undiagnosed hypothyroidism. (I believe that one “disease” of the body can affect many other parts.)

I tried coconut oil “pulling” for awhile (letting a tablespoon of coconut oil sit in the mouth for ten minutes or so, to pull out toxins and such). And I made an easy coconut oil/baking soda toothpaste (recipe here). But my favorite homemade dental product has become the tooth powder I made a few months ago… thought I’d share the recipe here.

First off, you can add essential oils of any kind, or not. You can add spearmint extract, etc. Or not. You can order excellent quality oils from Nature’s Gift (where I get most of mine). Or you can order on Amazon, or from Uncle Harry’s, to name a few. Some blogs mention adding powdered spices (cinnamon, etc.), since they’re cheaper. But I think the oils work better and are worth every penny. Here’s the healing oil recipe I use on my gums:


You can use these proportions, but a different proportion might be more to your liking. In any proportion, all these oils support dental health!

  • 8 parts Tea Tree Oil
  • 1 part Myrrh Oil
  • 1 part Clove Oil
  • 1 part Cardamom Oil


Next project- the actual tooth powder. I had a big ol’ bag of Calcium Carbonate in the garage, that I’d bought to make cheap chalk paint out of, and wondered if I could use it to make my own tooth powder. After all, it is apparently the same main ingredient found in Uncle Harry’s stuff (AKA dolomite, chalk).

Answer (after research on several websites): Maybe not. The U.S. National Library of Medicine website mentions here, that when purchasing oyster shell calcium, dolomite, or bone meal, we ought to look for the¬†word “purified” or the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) symbol on the label. Otherwise, the product may contain toxic metals like lead. We do NOT want lead in our tooth powder!

So I found food grade calcium carbonate, also know as dolomite. I used the proportions below, although, again, your personal preference may be to change it up a bit:


  • 6 parts Calcium Carbonate (purchase here)
  • 4 parts bentonite clay (purchase here)
  • 1 part sea salt
  • “Healing Gums” oil, above (“to taste”, or about 8-12 drops favorite oil or blend, per cup o’ powder mix)

My husband and I have gotten quite used to brushing with this stuff, and I think our teeth are the better for it!

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