Fourth of July, Paleo-Style (Awesome Deviled Eggs)

I saw this cute idea on Pinterest- set some hard-boiled eggs in bowls of water colored with food coloring for two hours, then proceed with your fave deviled egg recipe.

Grateful-Table-Deviled-Eggs-Paleo-Style-4th-of-JulyI was game for that! Our friend has been blessing us with extra duck and chicken eggs from her egg-layers, and I’ve been putting ’em to use. (A hard-boiled egg makes a great snack, if you’re into eating Paleo style.)

What better an appetizer today, before the grilled stuff gets done, but some festive deviled eggs? Did I mention they don’t even have mayo in them?! I’ve been trying to avoid the weird GMO oils, sweeteners, and chemicals found in most mayonnaise, so I figured I’d mash the yolks with some avocado. I added a splash of olive oil and a giant pinch of salt, plus… a secret ingredient, which makes the deviled eggs lighter and delicious- homemade chicken stock. The kind that actually gels up ’cause it’s got so many good things in it. (Not the kind out of the box/can, as I don’t think it would hold up as well.)

I heated the stock and added enough to the yolk mixture to make it creamy (a few tablespoons). After I chilled ’em, the stock firmed up some, which means the deviled eggs weren’t sloppy, but were definitely delicious!

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