Tree of Knowledge- TMI! (Let’s Just Eat What’s Right)

Goat-eating-appleHave you eaten the apple from the “Tree of Knowledge”?!

In other words: Have you learned of all the scientific studies on various diets, becoming capable now of accurately choosing the wisest diet plan for yourself?

Perhaps you have read all the latest info on how you should eat this kind of organic meat/poultry/fish (plus veggies only), or that you should just eat raw foods, or that you should substitute nuts for grains (to get rid of that “wheat belly”), or that you shouldn’t eat fat because the gut flora of mice fed low-fat diets with a side of healthy gut bacteria were able to lose weight, while those eating a fatty diet, even after also getting the healthy bacteria, were not able to?

In other, other words, have you obsessed about what might be the best diet for you?

Since man seems to be at such odds, with one study or dietary lifestyle contradicting another, maybe it IS time to just go to the Bible. I’m convinced that God has designed things perfectly. There is wisdom in Biblical eating. If His word talks about eating grains, it’s hard for me to invest in the whole “Caveman didn’t eat this, and we aren’t supposed to either” theory.

I was obsessing about the phytates in whole grains, nuts, and seeds. For awhile there. But then I read about how, even though phytates can cause inflammation, they do serve some purpose. In moderate amounts, they can reduce excess tumor growth (a natural cancer-fighter). Inflammatory diseases seem prevalent right now, but I suspect the pendulum could swing the opposite way if certain dietary trends become extreme. Some folks, who could actually benefit from some extra phytate/inflammatory foods, might end up with… I don’t know- extra tumor growth or something?!

In any case, I do agree that the modern diet’s messed up. Think of how God originally designed things. HE did not design the machines that so readily create products so cheaply (things like refined flour, sugar, bread, oils, junk food, etc.). Modern society finds junk foods too easily accessible and too cheap, and we’re spoiled. If we had to grind our own flour, kill our own chickens, make our own olive oil, get our own honey from the honey comb… we’d probably be in perfect health!

Ha ha… my thought for the day 😀

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