Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries- Easiest Romantic Dessert

Chocolate Chips, Butter, Strawberries- Good!As is typical, I seemed to run out of time to make a fancy dessert for Valentine’s Day. I guess the good news is, it’s easier to burn off the calories from this dessert, than from one more heavily-laden with starch and fat and sugar!

We won’t be going to a fancy restaurant (so expensive), so I thought I would spice things up for our Valentine’s Day with an easy (but delicious) batch o’ chocolate-dipped strawberries.

This is a super simple recipe using whatever chocolate you have on hand. Just add a bit of butter to the chocolate, melt (in microwave, or gently, on stove), then dip.

I used 1 c. chocolate chips to 1/4 c. butter. (That works out to 6 oz. chocolate, if you’re using a scale, plus 2 oz. butter.)

It took just over a minute to melt this much in the microwave. I added a dash of almond extract too, since it seems to go so well with strawberries. (In my opinion!)

I was happy I’d found some good, organic strawberries at Trader Joe’s yesterday- they’re delicious. (Even tastier with chocolate on them.)

We’ll have a light, chocolatey dessert, which should leave us with enough energy to enjoy the rest of the evening as well. A great Valentine’s Day to you all!

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