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Time Out for Summer Vacay!

The New Deli Board, Almost 40 Years

Almost to 40 years at The New Deli! Yes, at the same place (did you miss noticing we’ve been here forever?!). We’re holding down the fort, even with the winds of change coming through, knocking things over. STILL making da bomb homemade Italian dressing (pure olive oil), and the guilty pleasure- New Deli Ranch. And more, of course 😉

Back January 8th, 2024!

The New Deli Team

We’re stretching it out a bit, since our son’s getting married this week. We’ll be closed through Sunday, January 7th, but we’ll be back after that. Hope to see you then!

Annual Summer Vacay

Hoop House for Windy, Cool Summer Gardens

The New Deli Team’s staying busy, while Jen “putters” in the garden. But we have a remodeled pond now, and a vegetable garden in a hoop house, and freshly laid eggs!

Looking Up!

The New Deli is closed for President’s Day, Monday, February 20. Back Tuesday, though! Meanwhile, recent trends had me considering that old story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den,,,

The New Deli’s Covid-19 Chronicles

We have reassessed life, and see now what’s most important. As have so many of our New Deli customers. We hear this often- “So glad a small semblance of normal life still exists- I can still get my Reuben!” (Or French Dip, or Grilled Tofu, or Caesar Salad, etc…) We appreciate family and friends even more; any “contact” (even if it’s on Zoom) is precious. We’re looking forward to hanging out with more loved ones, but are grateful we’ve had our New Deli Family all along (small as it’s become).