Annual Summer Vacay

Sorry if we missed you- we were closed July 13 & 14 (a nice, long weekend), to get some quality time camping with the grandchildren and family. We’re back now though!

We do have an amazing deli team, which has meant extra summer gardening and homesteading for Jen. This year’s feats so far: Remodeling a leaking, poorly designed pond, installing a hoop house for veggies (challenged in our blustery garden by the bay), and raising a fourth generation of chickens.

The chickens led to Jen’s deep dive into insect farming (great food for those chickens). Bug food might be trending lately, but no worries- The New Deli won’t be carrying chips made from grasshopper flour! For us, it’s just about the chickens…

Enjoy your summer! You can’t always tell by our weather that summer’s here, but I’m hoping everyone gets to enjoy some garden somewhere this year- we are all blessed by the beauty surrounding us!

Verse of the Day: Acts 1:12 tells us- “… there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” Amen to that! Jesus saves! Meanwhile, Tom found a couple verses interesting: Ezekiel 9:3 & 4. We can have hope for better things, even when it gets ugly outside!

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