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Mushroom Soup, Creamy, Gluten-free

Creamy Gluten-Free Mushroom Soup

We used to make a more traditional mushroom soup at The New Deli, using a roux of flour and butter. But why use flour if you can go gluten-free, and let something else give the soup body?

Now we caramelize a pile of onions in butter until golden, then puree that with some mushroom powder, which adds some intense mushroom flavor.

An Index to What’s In “Soup’s On!”

Below is an index to what’s found in my ebook, “Soup’s On, Made From Scratch”. These recipes can be found here at the website too, but if you want everything in one handy book, then order a copy! You can view ebooks on your computer, phone, Kindle, or tablet… pretty handy 🙂 Artichoke Garden Soup:…

Stock- Homemade & Easy!

Chicken, Turkey, Beef, or Pork: Homemade Stock

Yes, it’s easier to buy a carton or can of it, but some nutrition & flavor’s lost. A good batch of stock is full of gelatin, congealing after refrigerating, so you know it’s rich. And, you can use minimal salt when making your own. More flavor, & healthier.

Red Lentil Soup w/Sweet Potatoes: Easy, Quick

Part of the appeal of red lentils and sweet potatoes is: they cook very quickly when added to a pot of hot water. Sweet potatoes are also low on the glycemic index–always a plus. A bit of paprika brightens up the color of the soup, as red lentils lose their unique salmon/orange color after cooking….