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Green Goddess Dip w/ Homemade Mayo

Green Goddess w/ Homemade Mayonnaise

I wanted a dip that was actually healthy, so I used extra virgin olive oil in the homemade mayonnaise I put in this. The family loved it–even the grandkids! So I guess it didn’t taste too healthy. But the blend of herbs with anchovy and homemade mayo is a treat. It might not taste as mainstream as the Green Goddess I used to refill as a busgirl in the seventies. But I think I like it better!

Marinated Mushrooms

These marinated mushrooms are delicious as is, or add to the grill for a real treat. We’ve been making batches of ’em at the deli, for a pre-rush snack. So savory, so delicious…

Dolmas: Stuffed Grape Leaves w/Rice, Mint, Pine Nuts…

Dolmas- stuffed grape leaves with rice, dried fruit, mint

This is our favorite New Deli recipe for a Greek classic- Dolmas! Since I have a few grape vines, and autumn’s really setting in, I figured I better pull this recipe out and get to work on that brine- easier than shopping for grape leaves in a jar! We LUV these. The brined grape leaves last a looong time… a batch of Dolmas would keep for over a week, except that we eat ’em all!

Veggie Tray w/ Ranch Dip

Red Peppers, Carrot, Broccoli, plus Ranch Dip in Cabbage Bowl

The Veggie Tray with Ranch Dressing is a healthy recipe to serve at parties. The homemade Ranch Dressing below improves on the grocery store version, flavorful and chemical-free. Salad dressing recipes made from scratch are bound to be healthier than store-bought.

Tomato Tart: Skip Mayo, Make w/Real Ingredients!

Tomato Tartlets w/No Mayo!

I had an exceptional tomato tart at a friend’s house. It was such a treat. I suspected it had mayo in it- when my friend told me it was a Paula Deen recipe, I knew I was right! But I wanted to make something like it for a tea party in the garden. I skipped…

Scallop Wrapped w/Bacon, Tomato & Basil: Killer Appetizer!

I just made these for a fancy, four-course New Deli Dinner Party. Wow, they were a hit! Yes, scallops are a bit pricey, but aren’t they worth it on special occasions?! Large scallops make these especially succulent. Small scallops can often be rubbery but the large ones seem to be juicer and tender. The recipe…