Castle Cake: Great Fun for a Boy’s Birthday!

This was a really fun cake to make for our grandson Benjamin’s fourth birthday. A picture’s worth a thousand words, right? So… you can use the picture below for ideas.

Castle Cake- Use Cones for TowersWe got the whole family involved. We scavenger-hunted at various stores for the supplies (mainly the frozen yogurt shop, and Trader Joe’s). Here are the goodies we used to pull this together:

  • We got this catapult on Amazon, which worked great with chocolate malt “cannon” balls
  • We got both kinds of cones from the yogurt shop- cake cones for the base, and pointy cones for the top
  • We were also able to get rock candy at the yogurt shop
  • We got Panda licorice at Trader Joe’s, to use for windows
  • We had some Trader Joe’s rosemary crackers on hand- a piece of that was perfect for the castle door
  • And graham cracker crumbs worked for the “dirt” pathway

I’ve since lost the sheet we did the math on, to have a larger square of cake for the foundation, plus the smaller squares of cake on top of that. But you can figure it out!

The non-baker (my husband) worked out the math with our older grandson, while the bakers (my granddaughter and myself) baked the cake. And everyone was able to help decorate! A memorable birthday. And birthday cake, haha…

PS We used a simple chocolate glaze for frosting. Warm the mix again after adding the chocolate chips to the melted butter, if necessary. Also, cool the frosting, if necessary, to get it to the right spreading consistency. Use: > 1/2 c. butter, melted > 1 c. chocolate chips (stirred in until melted)

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