“Soup’s On!” Ebook, Officially Available on Amazon Today!

Sneak-Preview-Jens-Soup-E-cookbookIt took longer than I’d thought, but my e-book was finally “in review” yesterday (Cyber Monday). Now that the book has an official page here, it says the publishing date was “November 24, 2013”. Well, that’s OK, that’s our grandson’s birthday, so that’s a memorable date!

If you’re one of our loyal New Deli fans (or even an occasional patron), I’m hoping you’ll especially enjoy this collection. A lot of us can’t afford to eat out all the time, and might want to make these recipes at home, right?

I know I do, haha! It’s not even always a matter of budgeting; I love to prepare meals at home. They’re extra fresh, there’s someone in the kitchen making the house smell good, and the family can relax in the peace and quiet of home. What beats that?

More news- I’ll be running a special deal: for FIVE DAYS ONLY, FREE OFFER for this cookbook, from tomorrow, December 4th, through Saturday, December 7th, to anyone and everyone. That means YOU! Do it! It’s good for me too, because a small blip in number of downloads, even if those downloads are for free, still gives my book a chance of getting on the map. You know, that huge Kindle map, where oh-so-many new book titles continually gather.

You might be one of those folks who’s encouraged me along the way (over three years in the making); you might be one of my friends who responded to a newsletter with a “yes!” when I was looking for potential ebook fans. You might even be someone who’s just chanced on this offer. In any case, I hope you can take advantage of this special deal. (What beats “FREE”?!)

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