1000 Island: Spiced Up Tomato Paste for Several Occasions

Find the recipe for this here: “New Deli Style Thousand Island Mix

Grateful-Table-Spices-1000-IslandI’m quite a fan of Thousand Island dressing, but I’m spoiled now. I don’t think store-bought will ever do again. Instead, we’ve got a homemade dressing at the cafe that’s sweetened with honey and not loaded with artificial ingredients.

I watched a friend of mine, years ago, make “1000 Island” out of catsup and mayonnaise. Not ideal. But we came up a better alternative at The New Deli: a zippy, seasoned tomato paste that serves as a base for various things. It can be added to soups, to get an instantly-seasoned broth, or it can be used to make Sweet N’ Sour dressing (just add some honey, olive oil, red wine vinegar). It can also be mixed into mayonnaise (homemade or a fave brand), to make Thousand Island.

Another cool thing about it: it’s already loaded with herbs and spices, so I can mix it in with ground meat, a few eggs, etc., and make a real quick meatloaf that’s still quite well seasoned. Very cool!

I had been checking out a favorite website (Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s site), and noticed she had a 1000 Island dressing recipe posted there as well. (It can be found on this page .) I’ve posted mine under “Free Recipes” (here), but it’s basically just a simple mix of tomato paste, honey, red wine vinegar, and various spices.

If you don’t want to bother making up a batch, just stop by the deli and get the dressing on a Reuben. Or on a Turkey Muenster Melt. Or in a tossed salad…

Or make your own- it’s delicious!

PS Here’s a fancy, homemade Worchestershire sauce, if you want that!


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