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Persian Rice (AKA “Jeweled Rice”)


Amazing colors (pistachios, cranberries, saffron) work together with other spices to make a rice dish that’s not boring! I served this with a roasted chicken, brushed with ground foenogreek,

Risotto Plus Variations (+ Make-Ahead Tip)

Aborio Rice + Mushrooms, Peas, Herbs, Garlic

I took a picture showing all the possibilities for risotto–a perfect vehicle for mushrooms, peas, garlic, herbs, etc. After I took the picture, I made husband Tom and I a batch, adding all the pictured ingredients. He asked the question you want to hear: “What makes this so creamy?” (Since he knew it was “just rice”…) I could tell him about how it’s the special way you cook this special rice. So good!

Rice Pudding: Honey-Sweetened, Whole Grain

A gluten-free, whole grain option for dessert (or breakfast), this brown rice and custard dish is lightly sweetened with honey. Leftover rice from a previous meal can be used; white rice can also be substituted. Makes 8 servings. INGREDIENTS 5 c. milk (your choice whether low-fat or regular) Approx. 11/2 c. cooked brown rice 1…

Hawaiian Rice Salad

Coconut Rice Salad w/ Mango, Macadamias, Cilantro

What am I bringing to the 4th of July potluck? I suppose I better bring this- I know its the hostess’s favorite! Oh yay- it will even provide “resistant starch”, a prebiotic that helps us to have a healthy gut. (Healthy gut, happy life, isn’t that how the saying goes?!)

Chicken w/ Wild Rice and Black Cherry Sauce: Elegant Entree

Stuffed Chicken Breast w/ Cherry Sauce, Green Beans

The following recipe makes extra of the rice, which is nice—it makes a great side dish later in the week. It keeps well, and can even be frozen. And- it’s perfect for gluten-free folks! To “stuff” the chicken, simply lift the skin up off the breast a bit, stuffing the rice underneath. (The trickiest part…

Wild Rice Salad: Easy Pilaf, Gluten-free Side Dish

This gluten-free, vegan recipe keeps for days; make extra for meals later in the week. It freezes well too. Carrot adds color, walnuts add crunch. Great for crowds- serve easy pilaf warm or room temperature, no fuss. Serves 10 or more. INGREDIENTS 3 1/2 c. water 1 c. wild rice 3-4 bay leaf 1-2 carrots3…