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Dolmas: Stuffed Grape Leaves w/Rice, Mint, Pine Nuts…

Dolmas- stuffed grape leaves with rice, dried fruit, mint

This is our favorite New Deli recipe for a Greek classic- Dolmas! Since I have a few grape vines, and autumn’s really setting in, I figured I better pull this recipe out and get to work on that brine- easier than shopping for grape leaves in a jar! We LUV these. The brined grape leaves last a looong time… a batch of Dolmas would keep for over a week, except that we eat ’em all!

Tabbouleh- Traditional or Gluten-Free

Mideastern Salad- Better than Cous Cous!

I’d take this over cous-cous any day–it IS a whole food, not just a refined-flour-pasta shaped like grain! Soak Bulgar wheat, add spearmint, parsley, lemon, cucumber, tomato. Light & fresh.

Moussaka: Greek Eggplant Recipe, Vegetarian (Or Add Lamb)

Looking for great eggplant recipes? This Greek recipe for Moussaka is well-seasoned, and is good as a vegetarian dinner choice. Hummus adds protein; brown rice rounds it out. Typically, it also has lamb in it; add grilled, ground lamb in with the eggplant if desired. To simplify, approach this recipe in steps. Hummus can be…

Hummus Dip: Mideastern Bean Dip w/ Lemon, Garlic, Sesame

Hummus bowl garnished w/ Parsley, Paprika, Garbanzos

This bean spread can become the protein part of a meal, used on sandwiches or as a side; perfect for a vegan menu. Canned garbanzos are convenient, but cooking dry garbanzo beans saves money. Hummus freezes well, so it’s worthwhile to make a big batch. This can also be served as an appetizer, with toasted…