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Christmas Cookies: Favorite Classics

Home-baked Christmas cookies have been part of a tradition in our home- Christmas memories, with recipes passed down through generations. The kids have even helped (and everyone certainly helps with the eating!).

Almond Tarts (AKA Almond Tea Cakes)

Almond Tarts

There are plenty of recipes available for these, but this is the one I use. Having it written in weights makes it quicker to make! Another timesaver: Trader Joe’s carries blanched almonds. (We used to blanch ’em ourselves- much more work…)

Gingerbread Cookies, Natural Style

Ginger’s great- helping w/inflammation &blood sugar/serum cholesterol/cortisol levels. Not that I’m chowing down on Gingerbread cookies for health reasons. Easy decorating w/fruits & nuts tho!