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Tomato Sauce Recipe: Healthy Ingredients, Quick Easy Method

Use this in Mostaccioli, Lasagna, Moussaka, Tomato Bisque Soup, etc. One advantage of this recipe: it doesn’t easily scorch. Some recipes require a lot of stirring, but as the juicy tomatoes boil down, the sauce suddenly thickens, and the pan burns as well! This is avoided by adding tomato paste last. The onion-garlic mix still…

Punch: Easy, Healthy, 100% Fruit Juice (Frozen) + Soda Water


It’s great to have a simple, refreshing, natural punch recipe on hand when feeding a crowd. This non-alcoholic, healthy punch recipe still tastes great. And it’s HFCS-free! (No high fructose corn syrup, that is.) Change it up by using different frozen juice concentrates, although the raspberry is very delicious. Serves 6-8, but multiplies easily. INGREDIENTS…

Worchestershire Sauce; Fancy Name, but Perfectly Spiced Brew

What with the anchovies and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) in most Worchestershire products, a friend had wondered if I had a recipe to make it from scratch. We’d actually been making our own “Worchestershire Sauce” at the deli for ages, just to save money. A gallon of the stuff seemed too big an investment….

Broccoli Salad: Easy Recipe for Potlucks, Parties

Broccoli Salad topped w/ peanuts, in black bowl

Here’s a version of the classic broccoli salad; a great dish for picnics and potlucks. Broccoli is one of those cruciferous, healthy veggies, so a tasty recipe that helps people eat it up is perfect. Serves 10. INGREDIENTS 1/2 c. mayonnaise 1 TBS. sugar 1 TBS. white vinegar 6 c. fine-chopped broccoli 2/3 c. raisins,…

Lemon Caper Sauce: For Fish, Roast Beef, Sandwiches, Salads

Lemon Caper sauce is quite popular; the original recipe (from Martha Stewart) was designed to season rare beef. At The New Deli, the beef is sliced very thin; with added sauce and some horseradish butter, it makes a great sandwich. For appetizers, it can be served on baguette slices. The sauce is also good with…

Hawaiian Rice Salad

Coconut Rice Salad w/ Mango, Macadamias, Cilantro

What am I bringing to the 4th of July potluck? I suppose I better bring this- I know its the hostess’s favorite! Oh yay- it will even provide “resistant starch”, a prebiotic that helps us to have a healthy gut. (Healthy gut, happy life, isn’t that how the saying goes?!)

Corn Bread w/Apple & Sage (Using Whole Grain Corn Meal)

Corn Bread w/ raisins, apples, corn meal, maple syrup

Though this is a quite textured corn bread, it is gluten-free, which can be a plus. The flavors go well with roasted meats (see Stuffed Pork Loin Roast here). Use whole grain, organic corn flour from the health food store if possible (as opposed to the standard “degerminated” corn meal). Coconut milk can even substitute…

Jell-O Salad: Natural Style, Fruit-Juice Sweetened

When my granddaughter was quite young, I wanted to prepare a jello recipe minus the artificial colorings, flavorings and sugar. It would also be perfect for my elderly in-laws, who needed easy-to-chew foods. The recipe proved popular with all. When purchasing frozen juice concentrates, be sure to get 100% fruit juices. Use favorite flavors, but…