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Sourdough Bread Recipes: Whole Grain Raisin Rye Bread


This whole-grain bread recipe is somewhat dense, and full of flavor. A hearty addition to a meal! Use it with a sourdough starter, for a more wholesome food that’s easy on the digestive system. (Some celiacs even claim they can eat homemade sourdough bread.) Use more whole wheat flour for better rising, or more rye…

Easy Sourdough Starter Recipe: Pineapple Juice, Wheat, Water

Sourdough Starter Using Pineapple Juice

This is the sourdough starter recipe that worked for me I love making this bread with my starter. (Or use it for any fave recipe, like this whole wheat bread or this wheat/rye raisin bread). My friend Joanna didn’t have to resort to using pineapple juice for her original sourdough starter, but then, she lives…

Blueberry Muffins, Using Easy “Whole-Grain Oat Flour”

This recipe uses oats, processed into a whole grain flour with a standard blender or food processor. A quick, easy recipe–the other dry ingredients can get processed in with the oat flour, and are added (along with the blueberries) to the wet ingredients. The secret to light muffins: stir lightly (a few lumps are fine!)….