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Spaghetti and Meatballs: Authentic Italian Seasoning

Pasta and Meatballs on Italian style table

Homemade spaghetti and meatballs are quite a crowd pleaser! The homemade sauce for this is made easier by adding tomato paste last; less stirring is required while the sauce reduces. And the meatballs have that sausage-like flavor, without the extra fat and additives that pork sausage typically has. Another convenience: the browned meatballs are put…

London Broil w/ Marinated Mushrooms (Tri-Tip Works too)

Roast beef w/ Marinated Mushrooms, barbequed on grill

I pulled this recipe out of the archives, since I’m planning ahead for summer barbeques. This recipe for London Broil or Tri-Tip (AKA “bottom sirloin butt” or “triangle roast”) is economical and flavorful. (Did you know the expensive cuts are much more tender, but cheaper cuts have a more robust flavor?)

A bit of sugar helps the meat to brown; soy sauce adds savory flavor, and vinegar tenderizes. Easy!

Beef Stroganoff: Budget Recipe w/ Chuck Roast- Delicious!

This classic recipe is sped up by using a pressure cooker to simmer the beef, which also seals in flavor. A crock pot, left on low all day, can also be used (or cooked in a low-heat oven). With a few extra ingredients, like carrot, red wine and tomato paste, a simple Beef Bourguignon can…

Beef Bourguignon: Classic Recipe, Streamlined

This take-off on Julia Child’s recipe uses a few shortcuts to make dinner easier. Bacon can be used, but is optional; the recipe’s still great without it! A pressure cooker will cook the meat tender in 40 minutes. Or, a slow cooker or crock pot can be used; meat cooks throughout the day and is…