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Quest Bars (& Vitafiber): Recipe, Review

Quest bars: all the rage with many body-builders, paleo-happy types, & for many seeking low-carb solutions to cravings. For me, Quest bars seem OK. But just in a pinch. (Then again, I am in a pinch sometimes!)

I’d never heard of Vitafiber. Or Quest bars. I don’t run with the crowd that works out at the gym and buys muscle-building supplements! But I do get a lot of exercise, and hitch a ride on the Paleo bandwagon often enough, so Nolan’s interests and mine do intersect at points. Not to mention the frugal quality- saving money can be a driving force for me!

Kombucha- Continuous Brew Method

2 1/2 gallon crock for continuous brew Kombucha

Try making kombucha with the “continuous brew” method, to save time. Also, use a “sweetened tea concentrate”, if you haven’t had time to brew more tea every day. Oh, and use black tea!

Kefir: Non-dairy Water Kefir- Easy, Simple Directions

Water Kefir, Healthy Stuff

Water kefir’s different that milky kefir. The grains grow in sugar water with a touch of molasses added. The kefir grains eat up the sugars and leave a fermented drink high in probiotics. A more economical probiotic than bottled ones, too, made with simple ingredients and an easy method. How cool is that?!

Chocolate Fix (Easy to add to Smoothies- High-Octane Fuel!)

Update: I think Michael Pollan has made a great point, about how raw foods don’t always release as many nutrients as properly cooked foods (article here). So I toast my raw cacao nibs first, for 10-15 minutes in a 375 degree oven (and then 10 more minutes with the oven off), until darker-colored. They then…

Coconut Bark W/Cacao Nibs: A Healthy Snack, & MCTs for Fuel

Coconut Cream Concentrate, cacao nibs, pecans

Rich with raw cacao nibs, this nourishing snack satisfies the chocoholic seeking health. The coconut oil (or cream) used in this is also rich in MCTs (medium-chain-triglycerides), which are a great fuel for the brain. Use virgin coconut oil or other fine products from specialty and health food stores: “coconut cream concentrate”, “coconut spread” or…

Coconut Date Shake: No Juice Or Extra Sugars (All Natural!)

The perfect meal for staying healthy on-the-go: A Hawaiian style smoothie with no processed juice. Add extra protein if preferred, for a “protein shake”, but this already has protein from the cashews. With the nuts and the coconut cream (or virgin coconut oil), this can be a “meal replacement drink” full of healthy oils and…